World’s Most Expensive Car Registration Number Costs Rs 132 crore!

Many people value a vehicle’s registration number highly. Many people base their selection of numbers on numerology, while others just look for interesting ones. RTOs frequently auction off such special numbers, with the highest bidder getting to keep the number.

We have published articles about persons who spent more than 30 lakhs only to register a car. This applies not only to India but also to other countries. Here is the account of a British citizen who spent a significant amount of money for a “F1” licence plate for their car. What did he spend? Well, 132 crore rupees.

The F1 registration plates have long been a favourite among car owners in the United Kingdom. High-end sports vehicles like the Mercedes-McLaren SLR and Bugatti Veyron have been spotted with the temporary licence plate. Most auto fans are aware that the F1 number plate stands for Formula 1.

One of the most coveted motorsports competitions worldwide. Contrary to regular registrations, the UK government forbids the use of any other digital or alphabetic symbols on the registration plate, which explains why this F1 plate is so pricey. One of the smallest automobile registration numbers in the entire world is this one.

Further research reveals that this registration number was initially purchased for Rs 4 crores at an auction. The price of this number climbed in tandem with its attractiveness as inflation did. It skyrocketed in price and is today one of the most expensive automobile registration numbers in the entire globe. It’s not the first time we’ve noticed folks shelling out a lot of money for a registration number.

Similar occurrences have reportedly been observed in various places of the world. For instance, a businessman from India purchased the registration number “D5” in Abu Dhabi. He still paid about Rs. 67 crores for it even though it is not as pricey as an F1 plate.

Another billionaire from Abu Dhabi paid Rs 66 crores to purchase the registration number that just had the letter “1”.

People spend so much money on a registration number for a variety of factors. As was already noted, some people choose lucky numbers, while others choose a registration number that corresponds with their astrological sign, birth date, or another characteristic. Then there are those who merely enjoy unique numbers and prefer to keep the registration numbers for all of their vehicles the same.

Mukesh Ambani, the wealthiest billionaire in India, and his family have a sizeable collection of automobiles in their garage, several of which have flashy licence plates. In their garage, they have a sizeable collection of expensive and fast cars.

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