Mahindra Thar modified into an absolute beast, gets 20 inch massive wheels; Watch video here

The Mahindra Thar is arguably the favourite off-roading vehicle currently offered by any Indian car manufacturer. The design and capabilities of the Thar were appreciated by SUV lovers in India as well as abroad. The Mahindra Thar 2.0 took the legacy of the Thar even further. While many SUV enthusiasts like to retain the design of the Thar, others prefer some upgrade in order to enhance the looks or the performance of the SUV.

Recently, a YouTuber named Ashwin Singh Takiar has modified his Mahindra Thar in multiple ways and we are in awe about it. The modifications not only make the SUV more muscular but also give it some off-roading capabilities. However, the engine of the car is same while the interior gets some minor upgrades. The upgrades of the Mahindra Thar are mentioned below in detail.


The Mahindra Thar gets massive 33 inches tyres on 20-inch wheels as a part of the upgrade. The spare wheel is mounted on the back.

The front bumpers are custom-made and replace the original bumper. It is needless to say that the bumper is made up of metal in order to increase the strength of the SUV. The grille is also changed in order to make it go along with the design. The new grille is made of fibre and this ensures that it can be repaired in case of any emergency or breakage. The 150W lights (custom) on the front ensure that there is no deficiency of lights at night. Additionally, the SUV gets more powerful DRLs.

In order to enhance the water wadding capacity, a snorkel has been added to the driver’s side of the car. On the side, the Thar gets custom-made fenders, cladding as well as rock sliders. The custom-made rims of the Thar steal the show. The rims provide a raw look from the side.

From the back, there is a tyre carrier as well as a custom-made bumper. The tyre carrier as well as the bumper is made of metal to enhance the strength from the rear. The tyre carrier adds to the overall beauty of the car. It is pleasing to note that the tyre carrier and the body of the Thar seem integrated. The massive tyre carrier ensures that in case of any accident, the spare tyre does not cause any damage to the back of the Thar.


From the interior, the custom-made Thar gets a grab handle on both sides (driver side as well as left front passenger side). The other modification includes a rearview camera as well as a dash camera. Other than the minor changes, the interior of the car remains untouched.

Time of modification

The total time for applying the modification was almost 2.5 months. There were many modes applied on the Thar which did not make it to the final edition. The hit and trial method for customising the Thar took the total modification time to more than 2 months, said Ashwin Singh. However, the Thar owner has not revealed the exact cost for the massive modification on the SUV.

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