Asia’s first hybrid flying car will launch soon in India, concept model unveiled

If you think that flying car couldn’t be a reality and is only limited to science fiction movies/ novels then you must think twice. Recently the concept version of Asia’s first hybrid flying car was introduced by Vinata Aeromobility. The model was recently reviewed by Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia.

The Union Aviation Minister took to twitter and said that he was delighted after being introduced to the concept model of Asia’s first hybrid flying car. The minister hoped that once the flying car takes off it would be used for transporting people and cargo, as well as providing emergency medical services. Jyotiraditya Scindia also wished the team for their success.

The hybrid flying car is being developed by a Startup Vinata Aeromobility. The car is named Vinata, which means ‘mother of all birds’said the CEO Yogesh Iyer.

The prototype of the hybrid flying car is expected to be ready within next two years. The flying car will have eight coaxial rotors for flight mechanism. The rotors will be paired by a hybrid motor that runs on biofuel and battery. The flying car will have a capacity of two passengers and a load capacity of 250 kgs. The kerb weight of the flying car is estimated to be 900 kgs.

The maximum speed that can be achieved by the flying car is 120 kmph, while the range is 100kms. In terms of safety of passengers, the flying car boasts of Distributed Electric Propulsion (DEP). This means out of multiple propellers and motors, if anyone malfunctions, the aircraft can still land safely. The details of the flying car can be seen on their website.

If this hybrid flying car is introduced as public transportation in India, it would relieve the other means of transport (especially the road transport). It remains to be seen how far will be the ownership and maintenance costs of the hybrid flying car.

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