Anand Mahindra’s latest tweet on ‘technology to dry clothes’ leaves Twitterati in splits

New Delhi: Business tycoon Anand Mahindra has shared a picture of a ‘latest technology to dry clothes on Twitter, and it has left Twitterati amused and in splits.

On the microblogging site, Mahindra posted a cartoon of two women conversing by an ordinary rope with washed clothes drying over it suspended from both ends in a yard.

“It dries the washing using the latest technology — a combination of solar and wind power,” a woman was seen telling another one.

“Sometimes, the ‘latest’ technology is just about going back to the basics,” Mahindra captioned the image.

The caricature immediately struck a chord with Twitter users. Many of them filled the comments section with relatable tales.

“Yeah, it should be… the best technology, which make the world a better place to live along with taking care of the environment as well,” a user wrote.

“And, it is much more sustainable, the keyword which was always there without we realising but the one which matters most now due to development,” another user wrote.

Recently, the chairman of Mahindra Group donated a new home to an 85-year-old K. Kamalthal of Coimbatore, fondly called ‘Idli Patti’ or ‘Idli Grandmother’.

Mahindra group handed over a 300 square feet house with a single-bath attached bedroom, a living room, and a dining hall at Vadivelampalayam in the outskirts of Coimbatore on Mothers Day to the octogenarian.

Idli Patti was selling idlis at 25 paise per piece when she started it and hiked it by 50 paise to sell it at Re 1 per piece.

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