Amazon prime members to get primary health care for $9 a month

Amazon has revealed that it is planning to offer low-cost annual membership of One Medical to millions of Prime members for $9 a month.

Amazon recently purchased a primary-care business One Medical for a whopping $3.9 billion earlier this year. Now, the tech giant has revealed that it is planning to offer low-cost annual membership of One Medical to millions of Prime members.

One Medical Membership for Amazon prime members

According to Amazon, the Prime subscribers can become One Medical members for a subscription fee of $9 a month, or $99 a year. The One Medical annual membership usually cost $199 annually.

Amazon executives including Chief Executive Andy Jassy have said healthcare is one of several new business areas that could become a pillar of the company.

A One Medical membership can get some virtual-care services that are included in the annual fee, and in-person visits at clinics across the U.S. as well. However, they have to pay additional payments either through insurance plans or out-of-pocket for the in-person clinic visit. Other services including medical testing also are available.

Currently, the benefits of Amazon Prime include Amazon’s fast shipping service and Prime Video streaming. The annual Prime membership is currently priced at $139.

Earlier this year, Amazon began to offer Prime subscribers unlimited access to commonly prescribed generic medications for $5 a month.

With the purchase of the 1Life Healthcare Inc, which operates a primary-care practice under the name One Medical, the company got access to One Medical’s virtual primary-care services, as well as dozens of medical offices throughout the U.S. It also got deals with thousands of companies to provide health benefits to employees through in-person and virtual care.

Amazon also has a Clinic business in US that provide virtual care to treat common conditions such as urinary tract infections and pinkeye. In October, the company said it would begin delivering prescription medicine by drone in College Station, Texas, one of two cities the company has tested out drone deliveries.

Prior to this, Amazon tried a joint venture with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase that did not work well and ended just after three years. Another failer healthcare venture of Amazon is Amazon Care, which was shut down last year. Moreover, in July, the company laid off about 80 employees in its pharmacy unit.

So, it remain to see whether it will be successful healthcare initiative by the company in future.

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