Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos drives E-rickshaw, Video Goes Viral

New Delhi: Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos on Monday posted a video on his official twitter handle in which he drove an e-rickshaw with Amazon’s delivery partners.

Taking a Climate Pledge, the video by Bezos revealed that Amazon is rolling out its new fleet of fully electric delivery rickshaws.

“Hey, India. We’re rolling out our new fleet of electric delivery rickshaws. Fully electric. Zero carbon. #ClimatePledge,” Bezos tweeted along with the video.

The video showing Bezos driving an e-rickshaw, carried his first name — JEFF. The post garnered 2.8K retweets and 16.4K likes.

Electric cars have several benefits over conventional engine as they do not emit harmful tailpipe pollutants such as soot, volatile organic compounds, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, ozone, lead, & various oxides.

A user said “Hey Jeff – I’d love to be able to pilot this in the States.”

Another tweeted, “Solar power grids that are being installed. Better to use these than diesel/petrol vehicles.”

“Sir please promote this rickshaw for delivery in rural and remotest areas because there is no last-mile connectivity? Also provide 1-day delivery to rural areas? Please tell why there is no winners for daily quiz in rural areas only metro cities preferred?,” commented a user.

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