Accidental Insurance of Rs. 6 lakhs can be claimed by LPG cylinder users

Bhubaneswar: In today’s modern times cooking is mostly done using LPG cylinders. But very few people know about insurance cover of up to Rs. 6 lakhs on a gas cylinder accident in a house. If such an accident occurs inside the premises of your house, then you can claim insurance from the oil company.

First, inform your LPG distributor about the accident. The distributor will inform the insurance company associated with the oil company. The insurance company will visit the area of the accident and then fix the amount to be received in compensation. The total compensation amount will be given by the Oil Company. The insurance amount will be sent to the LPG distributor who will in turn hand it to the customer or his family.

On the other hand, if a person is injured in a gas cylinder blast then he can claim insurance up to two lakh rupees from the company. If a property is damaged in the blast accident, then a maximum of two lakh rupees can be received by the concerned person.

How to claim the insurance

  1. Go and Lodge an FIR with the nearest Police Station.
  2. Hand a copy of FIR to your Gas Distributor.
  3. The Gas Distributor will hand over the information to Oil Company.
  4. Oil Company will hand over the details to the Registered Insurance Company.
  5. The Insurance Company sends a team to investigate the incident and fix an amount to be received.
  6. The team from Insurance Company submits its report.
  7. The Oil Company sends the Amount to the Concerned Distributor
  8. The Concerned Distributor hands the amount to the customer or his family.



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