Buying new vehicle? Your new car must have this feature, check details

In order to improve the safety on Indian roads, Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways has approved a draft GSR notification to make a minimum of 6 Airbags compulsory in cars.

Henceforth, the passenger vehicles that are made in India and can carry up to 8 passengers will get 6 airbags. Earlier the ministry had mandated to implement two airbags in cars from January 1, 2022. The two airbags are installed for the driver and the front passenger. However as this new rule is implemented, additional four airbags will be present in the vehicle.

The additional four airbags will minimise the risk faced by the back passengers. The additional four airbags include two side/ side torso airbags and two side curtain/ tube airbags covering all outboard passengers. This crucial step will ultimately ensure the safety of passengers sitting/ using vehicles with a capacity of up to 8 passengers. All vehicles across all segments, irrespective of the cost/variant will have mandatory 6 airbags.

On a global scale, in terms of safety, the Indian cars lag behind their competitors. In various safety tests, this issue has already come forward. There are cars available in India with up to 8 airbags. However, car manufactures offering big cars in India only provide more than 2 airbags. As this new rule is implemented in India, regular car (used by middle class) will be safer.

According to the Nitin Gadkari the matter of safety should not be compromised. A mere lack of safety can possibly result in the loss of life and introduction of 6 airbags in passenger cars is expected to save many lives. However, the addition of more air bags is expected to increase the price of cars marginally.

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