This modified Mahindra Bolero, looks very much like a Mercedes Benz G Wagon

Modifications of cars have been a rage across the World and India is not an exception to it. There are many car modifiers who manage to make a total facelift of the original vehicle. A car modifier from Mumbai has drastically modified a Mahindra Bolero into a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon. The modified Bolero is currently up for sale and interested buyers can get their hands on it.

According to the advertisement that is published on the Facebook page of the seller, the modified Mahindra Bolero costs Rs 8.25 lakh. If you are an automobile enthusiast the amount for the modified SUV is not significant. The Bolero SUV has gone through a lot of cosmetic changes to look like a G Wagon from all sides.

The front, back and sides of the Mahindra Bolero get a massive change through modification. The other significant changes are the wheels of the SUV. At the front, a large G-Wagon grille replaces the traditional Bolero grille. The headlights of the Bolero have been changed in order to look more like the Mercedes G Wagon. A black strip runs through the sides of the SUV and extends till the rear. The turn indicators at the front are placed next to the bonnet like a G-wagon.

To give the Mahindra Bolero a more G-Wagonish look, the original bumpers have been changed. The seller has taken the liberty to replace the original wheels of the Bolero with that of the G Wagon along with the fenders. The overall modifications on the Bolero give it a boxy design as that of the G Wagon. However, internally there have not been any significant changes to the vehicle. A new touchscreen infotainment system is added in the car along with seat covers. The touchscreen infotainment system shows feed from the reverse parking camera.

Important details about the modified Mahindra Bolero

The Mahindra Bolero is a 2007 model and has a DI turbo engine at its core. The SUV has a valid Insurance along with PUC. The seller has mentioned that the delivery of the modified Bolero can be made across India. According to the seller, the full kit is imported from Thailand and costs Rs 6.5 lakhs. Similarly the original Mercedes 20’’ rims are worth Rs 1.25 lakh. The tyres used in the car are also brand new. The electrical and mechanical works of the car are also freshly done. The other new parts are suspension, brake pads and change in engine oil and gear oil.

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