Renault teases the concept image of its upcoming hydrogen-powered combustion engine car

Car manufacturers around the globe are slowing shifting towards manufacturing cars that run on a cleaner source of energy. The European Union even plans to stop the production of vehicles that rely on the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) by 2035. Apart from EVs, Hydrogen-powered cars are also an alternative to ICE cars. French manufacturer Renault has teased the concept image for its upcoming hydrogen-powered car.

The teaser image however doesn’t reveal much about the upcoming car and rather gives us a glimpse of the car from the front. We can see the clear outlines of the car along with its LED headlights. However, there is a great similarity between the company’s electric car Megane, and the teased hydrogen-powered car. We assume that the upcoming car will be a crossover with headlights similar to the Megane.

It can be observed from the teased image that the Renault car has cameras instead of glass in side mirrors.  “The unique hydrogen-powered vehicle represents the Renault Group and Renault brand’s journey towards decarbonization, as well as their advances in the circular economy and the use of recycled and recyclable materials.” said the company (Renault).

With the announcement of the new Hydrogen-powered car, it is expected that the French carmaker will match the likes of Toyota. Renault is expected to reduce the production of ICE models that are based on petrol or diesel, as a part of Renaulution plan. Renault is expected to unveil the Hydrogen powered car by May 2022.

However, we do not have any details about the teased concept car. We expect that the company will shares the details about the upcoming car soon.

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