Ola’s helmet detection system is expected to improve rider safety, currently in development stage

According to recent reports, Ola Electric is working on a helmet detection system for its electric scooter riders.

There has been a significant rise in the two-wheeler market in India and there is no stopping for it. The segment of electric two-wheelers in India is also increasing at a rapid pace. However, when it comes to road safety and traffic rules, the common people in India are still quite adamant to follow them. As reported by Autocar India, Ola Electric is working on a helmet detection system for its riders.

Given the fact that two-wheeler riders in India are quite adamant to use helmets on a day-to-day basis, Ola is expected to introduce a helmet detection system that will prevent riders from using the two-wheeler when they don’t use a helmet. Ola’s helmet detection system will use a camera on the scooter (most probably on the dashboard of the scooter) in order to detect the helmet on the rider. Then it sends the information to the Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) which is again sent to the Motor Control Unit. The Motor Control Unit determines whether the vehicle will switch to Ride mode or not.

However, if the system is in Ride mode and it detects that the rider is without a helmet, the scooter will switch automatically to Park mode. After turning into Park mode, the rider can detect a reminder on the dash which alerts him to put on a helmet. After the system successfully detects the helmet on the rider, the scooter switches to Ride mode. There is continuous monitoring of the rider (for helmet).

Ola is not the only two-wheeler manufacturer that is looking forward to making its scooters safer (in terms of the rider using a helmet). Recently, an official of TVS has mentioned that the company is working on an advanced safety system that will detect helmet on a rider.

It is expected that the company will initially introduce the system in its most premium offering- TVS Apache RR 310. It will be later introduced in the other motorcycles and scooters of TVS.

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