Next generation Jeep Compass will not launch in India, Know the exact reason

If you are someone who is eagerly waiting for an update on the Jeep Compass in India, you might be disappointed. This is because Jeep will not be introducing the next generation of Jeep Compass in India. The company does not find the option to launch the next generation of the Jeep Compass commercially viable and hence took the step, reported Autocar India.

The next generation of the Jeep Compass was expected to launch in India in 2026 and the project relating to the model was codenamed J4U. Even though the project was under development for over a year, it did not meet any positive outcomes. Stellantis which owns Jeep had to cancel the project as it will not offer much profitability to the company.

The Jeep Compass new generation was supposed to be made on the STLA-M platform and it would be an all-new product. Stellantis has planned to manufacture Peugeot SUVs for the Malaysian market based on the same platform. However, the demand for the Jeep Compass kept decreasing in India and the potential for the Peugeot SUVs in Malaysia was limited. As the minimum volumes required to be produced could not be guaranteed, the company had to drop the idea. For those who are unknown, the STLA-M platform was meant to support multiple types of body styles including including sedans, crossovers, and SUVs. This simply meant that the Compass Electric as well as the ICE could be made on the same platform. However, there was a catch in it. Multiple flexibility of the platform made it quite expensive, said the company source to Autocar India.

Future of Jeep Compass in India

The Jeep Compass was launched in 2017 and it received a facelift in 2021. With due course of time, the units of Compass sold in India kept decreasing and the company sold just 270 units (average) in the last six months. Well, the company will not re-introduce the petrol engine variant of the SUV in India. This leaves us with only a single variant i.e. diesel variant.

The SUV has become more affordable now in India and the starting price of the Compass is Rs 18.99 lakh now. Jeep Compass price drop includes the base Sport variant only and it gets a price drop of Rs 1.70 lakh. Prior to the price drop the SUV used to cost Rs 20.69 lakh.

(Note: The price of the SUV mentioned in the article is ex-showroom).

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