Make this electric scooter yours for just Rs 35,000

The electric scooter in Rs. 35k has already received numerous orders from India as well as from overseas. It is currently not put up for sale.

With awareness on conservation of climate spreading more and more with time, the need for switching to electric vehicles is being understood by more people. Now, many companies in the country sell 2-wheeler electric vehicles in the market. Keeping an eye on all of that, Nausha from Punjab has built an electric scooter for himself, that costs just Rs 35000.

It is not only the price of the scooter that sounds surprising. What is sure to come as more surprising to the market is that the scooter has been built entirely from scrap materials. The owner of the scooter claims that he only used scrap materials that seemed unfit to be used for anything else. The battery, controller, BMS and other components seemed to be housed inside the main cylindrical space. The hub motor and controller are likely to be sourced from some other electric vehicle.

He also said that he did not make the vehicle keeping in mind any form of business, but only for his interest and curiosity. This electric scooter is being considered as the first prototype of the final model. The makers say that they have received numerous orders for the scooter already. The orders are not just from India, but also from overseas, he further added.

The owner mentioned that he would like to add ‘regenerative braking’ to the model in the future. The model is currently not available for sale in the market. In any case, if the makers decide to launch the model in the marker, an electric scooter in Rs 35000 would surely be a treat, wouldn’t it ?

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