Honda H’ness CB350 and CB350RS motorcycles get 10 year warranty options

The first 10,000 buyers of the Honda CB350 range bikes will be automatically enrolled in the Extended Warranty program, for no cost.

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) has unveiled its revolutionary ‘Extended Warranty’ and ‘Extended Warranty Plus’ programs for its Big Wing customers. This move aims at redefining the premium motorcycle sector and establishing new industry standard. This is also to ensure unmatchable service advantages for its customers.

As a part of the offer, the first 10,000 buyers of the new H’ness CB350 or CB350RS motorcycles will be automatically enrolled in the Extended Warranty program, absolutely free. This opportunity has been effective from August 8, 2023. The offer operates on a first come first served basis.

Under the ‘Extended Warranty Plus’ plus program, customers have the option to select a 10-year warranty coverage on specified Honda bikes. This initiative provides flexibility, allowing customers to choose a coverage period ranging from 91 days up to the 9th year from the date of vehicle purchase. It is to be noted that, the warranty remains transferable even if the vehicle’s ownership changes.

Honda’s core objective is to ensure cost-effective ownership experiences, enhance vehicle longevity through regular maintenance and overall customer satisfaction. The ‘Extended Warranty Plus’ program offers three options to the customers:

  • A three year policy for vehicles up to 7th year of vehicle purchase
  • A two year policy for vehicles up to 8th year of vehicle purchase
  • A one year policy for vehicles in their 9th year

These options offer coverage up to an impressive 1,30,000 kilometers for all H’ness and CB350RS motorcycles.

Here are the key benefits of the Honda 10 year warranty program:

  • Peace of Mind: These programs provide customers with peace of mind by assuring the safety of their investments.
  • Manufacturing defect coverage: The warranty covers failures arising from manufacturing defects
  • 10-year warranty coverage: This initiative offers extended coverage like no other premium two-wheeler industry.
  • Extended vehicle life: Regular maintenance leads to higher re-sale values and longer vehicle life.
  • Renewal options: Customers have the option to renew their coverage for u to nine years from the vehicle’s purchase date, providing long term security.
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