Holi 2022: Quick tips to protect your car from colour stains

Holi, the festival of colours, is one of the most joyous occasion celebrated in India. The festival of Holi brings a new level of excitement and energy with the joy of colors. People celebrate Holi with different colours. However, though we get to enjoy the colour festival, we don’t like our car to be drenched in colours inside and outside as it is very difficult to clean it.

So pay attention and keep in mind not to spoil your sparkling car with Holi color . Here are some easy tips and tricks to keep your car spotless and shiny like any other day while you enjoy the festivities of Holi.

Wax Polish 

An easy way to protect the car from the effects of colors is to apply wax polish on the car. Wax polish prevents stubborn oil colours or other colours to from settling on the car. This will help your car to remain protected from various colours.

Waterproof cover

You can also cover your car with a good waterproof cover to prevent it from being sprinkled with holi colours. If the sheet of plastic cover is thick enough, it will protect your car from splashes of paint.

Park your car in the right place

You should not park your car in a narrow lane or outside during the celebration of Holi. It should be better if you park the car in the garage. But if you don’t have a garage and park your car in open space or on the side of the road then cover it with a cover. This is the best way to protect the exterior of the car.

Apply cling film or food wrap 

Water can damage the chrome chrome finished door handles and front grille of the car. So to protect the parts, put cling film or aluminum foil over them.

Protect the interior of the car

You can cover the headrest and backrest of your car with a large size polythene bag to prevent colours to stick to them from the passengers body. You can also use some old towels, curtains to cover over the seat. At the same time, put cling film on the door handles, steering wheel and gear knob.

If your car has leather seats, it can be protected using a leather protector. This will prevent the color from getting on the seats. To protect the dashboard and plastic parts, coat them with a light layer of wax or oil. This will protect them and you can easily remove them using shampoo and brush.

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