Bajaj to upgrade Pulsar NS160, NS200 with Dual Channel ABS, USD very soon

It feels that Bajaj has finally listened to the riders, and now is planning to upgrade both Pulsar NS160 and Pulsar NS200.

The Bajaj Pulsar NS160 and NS200 are perhaps the sportiest naked motorcycles offers by Bajaj in India. Even though both motorcycles have been more or less the same (since their advent), their popularity has not declined yet. There is a craze among bikers (who want a high-performance motorcycle on a budget) for the NS160 and NS200. However, Bajaj has not offered any upgrades on both bike. It feels that the manufacturer has finally listened to the riders, and now is planning to upgrade both bikes.

According to a recently shared story by Bajaj on its official Instagram handle, we found that the manufacturer will finally upgrade the NS series. The major changes that the NS duo (160 and 200) will get include- Dual Channel ABS and upside down (USD) front forks. The replacement of telescopic units with the USD will offer better stability to the motorcycle.

The company already offers USD forks in the NS160 and 200 that are sold in Latin America (as Dominar 160 and 200). The dual-channel ABS upgrade should have come earlier in the bikes, as Bajaj has already launched the N160 with dual-channel ABS (in 2022). Dual Channel ABS is expected to increase the safety of the motorcycle.

Engine and design

We hope that the engine and design of the NS series will be retained. The Pulsar NS160 offers 17.2 PS power and 14.6 Nm of peak torque. The front disc is 260 mm while the rear disc is 230 mm.

On the other hand, the NS200 offers a maximum power of 24.5 PS and 18.7 Nm of peak torque. The price of both bikes is expected to get a proper hike. Both the bikes are expected to be expensive by Rs 5K-Rs 10K costlier as the launch with updates.

The NS160 currently costs Rs 1.25 lakh (ex-showroom price) while the NS200 currently costs Rs 1.40 lakh (ex-showroom price).

(NB: The prices of motorcycles mentioned in the article are taken from the official Bajaj website.)


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