Zodiac signs who are extremely sarcastic

Some people use sarcasm to speak their thoughts out loud without offending anyone. If people could make out the meaning then it’s okay, or else they will just laugh on it. This helps certain people to voice their  opinions in a humorous way, saving themselves from the embarrassment or awkwardness that might lead on by communicating directly. These are the same people who are highly opinionated in nature, but at are often bad at giving advises. So, they prefer to swiftly pass through the situation with a joke.

Read further to know who among the signs use their sense of humour as an armour to put forward their opinions without having to make a situation worse.


Geminis are smart, communicative, and also have a great sense of humour. They become the life of the party, even though sometimes they use their puns on throwing sarcastic comments at people. They are a complete package, they are the most angelic until someone teases their devilish side out. Therefore, their sarcasm can either be positive or be dark. The person they point it at will get it and still can’t do anything but just laugh on it.


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Scorpios often enjoy bickering with others, they love the fun and excitement that comes from the teasing. However, they use sarcasm to initiate this, as it helps lighten the mood and keep the fun alive. For them, this is a way to connect and bond with people.


Sagittarius are born with a great sense of humour. Even in difficult situation, they try their best to keep the mood lighten and make others laugh. However sometimes, despite a positive intention, their sarcasm can reflect as negatively. This is because they read into the atmosphere of a situation enough before making a joke out of the blue.


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Capricorns are too busy to listen to other people’s pointless problems. They like to stay focused on themselves and their work. Sometimes they try to be patient and listen to someone’s issues. However, when they lose interest they would say something sarcastic or mean. Their words can cause other people to keep a distance from them.


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Aquarius always points out the obvious by saying something sarcastic. They sometimes use sarcasm as a tool to sraw attention towards them. They do not hesitate to make witty remarks albeit being in the spotlight.

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