Zodiac Signs that are foodie

Some people live to eat and some eat to live. But whatever the case be no one can stay away from food. What differentiates a foodie from others is they way a they think of food as soon as they enter a social event or want to explore a variety of menu in their entire lifetime.

However, if have discovered yourself as a foodie, ever thought why you love food so much? Well, except influencing our personality and behaviour, the stars also has a hold of our mood. It defines us somehow, but we grow according to our circumstances and experiences without losing the qualities we are born with.

Read here to know how your zodiac signs influence your love for food. On the other hand, if you are one of those who love to cook and feed others, maybe this list will help you surround yourself with people who might enjoy your food.


Taurus likes to find happiness in materials, and are drawn to things that they can touch, feel and eat. This explains why Taurus likes food so much. However, despite their love for food they are still picky eaters and will only eat what seems extremely delicious. If foods being served at a restaurant or a social event doesn’t meet to a Taurean’s standard, then they are likely to leave early. Taurus craves for lip smacking and high-quality food.

Meanwhile, people of this sign don’t usually like to try new things. They are most comfortable with their familiar routines. Yet, they are open to trying out new restaurants that have received excellent reviews. They are attracted to the idea of comfort in addition with a satisfying meal.


Sagittarius are mostly attracted to foreign and exotic food. They don’t believe in eating for comfort, but rather are adventurous and eager to try out new cuisines. Unlike Taurus, they don’t stick to familiar routines and would go for what excites them.

Various cultural cuisines from different countries are the kind of exploring they are always up for.


Libra’s love for food is similar to Taurus. They have a sophisticated taste and value high-quality and gourmet food. The air sign can be impulsive, and will only eat what they want and when they want it. This means that if they want breakfast meals for breakfast, lunch or even dinner and want to have so throughout the day, they will go for it. However, they don’t balance their diets or lose the carbs they digest, in result they are prone to gaining some waistline.

Intellect Libras who balance everything in life, can be very indecisive sometimes, but not when it comes to food. They can make decisions quite well when it comes to them eating the foods they love.


Aries love food and are completely open to trying new food. They are fond of spicy and exotic, and are not afraid to experiment. They have big appetites and can a eat a lot than an average person. People of this zodiac sign are quite active and has a fast metabolism.

However, Aries does not prefer repeating the same boring routine on a daily basis. Whenever they go grocery shopping, they like to fill up their cart with a large variety of snacks and won’t repeat it on their next trip to the supermarket. They will only eat the same thing again, if they grew an immense love for it or if it has been a while since they last ate it.


Pisces love junk food and they are always open to trying new cuisines. They’re versatile food lovers, but despise boring boiled healthy food. However, their love for food is not really due to genuine consideration towards it, but in fact, they are comfort eaters. They only turn to food when they are depressed or very much disappointed over something that went wrong. This means they will eat an entire bag of chips or a drink litres of punch while crying over something bad news.

They usually prefer to eat over comfort so much that they would avoid working out or going out to soothe their emotions. As a result, they often battle weight problems as they turn to food in order to face the stress.

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  1. Kriti Bhattacharya says

    In my opinion Cancers ♋ r the biggest foodie I have ever studied about. They never sacrifice for a good food.

    1. Haya says

      Exactlyyyy I’m a cancer and I LOVE food like hell I mean I can eat without getting tired. Infact I was expecting Cancer to be mentioned

      1. Anonymous says

        Good for you

    2. S.N.Garg says

      What about Leo’s & Capricorn…???

    3. Sanjay Gajria says

      I am a Virgo and am a foodie. But Virgos are not mentioned here. It is an incomplete article.

    4. Shivam says

      Boi dropping facts !

  2. George Reang says

    Exactly I agree and I’m a Cancer

    1. D says

      It seems you made an error omitting Cancer from the list of foodies.

  3. Muskan says

    Are you kidding me! Gemini’s are the most foodie

  4. Icey says

    Truest, I’m a Libran and love to cook and to eat☺️☺️☺️, and in every occasion, friends requested me to cook the dishes they like to eat

  5. Nishtha Bhadana says

    I’m scorpion and I am foodie to much

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