What Each Zodiac Sign Likes in Bed

Believe it or not everything in our life is connected to the stars. From our habits to our likes and dislikes, everything is in significance to our zodiac signs. Each zodiac sign has their own unique moves when it comes to expressing love to their partners. Some like to try new stuffs, but others like to stick to a routine.

Read further to know what your or your partner’s zodiac sign reveals about the likes and sexual preference in bed.



You like things simple and to the point. Yet, sometimes your desire to be the best in all aspects of life overpowers between the sheets as well. This is not a bad things, as it inspires you to try new things. Taking care of your partner’s sensual contentment brings you ultimate pleasure.


You prefer giving up the control to your partner in the bedroom, Taurus.  The idea of letting your partner take the lead itself is tantalising for you. You might not take the initiative, but would not mind your significant other try new things. Whether it is to experiment with blindfolds or handcuffs, you are up for it. However, do not forget to have a conversation with your partner first. It is important to establish boundaries, safe words and consent.


The communicative Gemini is always active, even during their sexual intercourse. This sign has the gift to bring spice to bed, with dirty talks. They are even up for scintillating foreplay like phone sex or sexting. However, they can sometimes surprise you with a little shy nature. This will only make significant other more interested on them. Their adventurous nature is also open to trying new techniques.


Despite their cold look, Cancers are quite romantic. Being a water sign, they actually enjoy having sex in shower. Their senses are heightened under the warmth of the water. Apart from that, Cancers also love nature. So, they won’t mind getting cozy with their partner in the middle of a jungle or on an empty beach. Their level of romance will only increase the excitement in their relationship.


You take your dramatic self everywhere with you, Leo, even to bed. Having a bossy nature, you like to take the lead most of the times. Whatever the situation be, you like to be the one to be in control of everything. It is extremely important for you to you that your needs are fulfilled. But do not forget about your partner’s pleasure. When it comes to sharing love, it is a two-way street.


Virgos are usually followed by a busy schedule. However, despite their packed routine, they are surprisingly sexually open minded. When it comes to sex they like the thrill of getting nearly caught. Hence, they would take risks in order to keep the spark alive in their relationship. At the same time, they also care about cleanliness. Therefore, as long as it is in a tidy room, they are ready to try new things.


The part of your body that turns you on the most is your head and your derriere. Which is why you dare to go a little rough and wild when it comes to love making. Trying out different positions int co-operation with your personal kinks can will provide you and your partner complete satisfaction.



Scorpios are the most seductive sign in the zodiac. Just one night with them is enough to create an unforgettable memory. What helps them get going is intense foreplay. The outcome of being intimate with a Scorpio always brings excitement and chills down the spine.


There is no doubt that the adventure lover Sagittarius love to live their life to the fullest and desire to have a good time 24/7. This just adds on to the fact that they won’t hesitate to ask for incorporating toys to increase sexual pleasure for them and their partner. The are a little wild and like to add spice to their love life every now and then.


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Capricorn loves to stay active, they cannot sit ideal. Therefore they can often be seen doing something, whether house chores or working on a project. This is why it no shock that they like to indulge in all earthly sexual delights. They usually enjoy sexual activities to the most if only it makes them feel present in their own body. They are moody, so they can sometimes get satisfied by fast and quick, but usually prefers a slow and lengthy. Intercourse with them is a total adventure.


Aquarius are way more open minded when it comes to sex than one can imagine. Surprisingly they are turned on by prepping for the actual scene, by watching videos. They are open to experimenting with different positions. Also they wish to fulfil all fetishes with their partner. However, they are not much of a cuddling buddy.



You are very private when it comes to intimacy. You will let your imagination run wild in a closed room with extreme privacy. However, when it comes to sharing skin-ships in public you keep it minimal to holding hands. But your energy is never constant, which means you can be extremely active on some days, and highly down on other days. Moreover, you will be able to embrace your fantasy life and role play freely with your partner.

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