Weekly Horoscope from July 8 to July 14: Aries, Taurus, Gemini and other check how your week will look like

New Delhi: Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for July 8-14.


This week, you will desire to be financially protected and have a comfortable life. It is the right time to think about your assets and how you can improve your status. You might get attracted to decisions concerning money, how to spend it, and even possibly invest in something new. For those already in a job, this week is all about proving yourself at the workplace. Others will appreciate your work and notice how detail-oriented and resourceful you are. If you are single, it is time to know what you want in a partner. You might come across the person of your dreams at work.

Tip of the week: Focus on financial management


This week is a good time for self-improvement and self-acceptance. You may be more in tune with your environment and the vibrations of people you interact with. It is the perfect moment to focus on your needs, preferences, and priorities. This is the best time to find out what makes you happy and to be in touch with your inner self. There is increased sensitivity in decision-making and social interactions because the intuitive self is more active. For people in a relationship, this week is about how to make the relationship stronger by talking to each other. Discuss your impressions and emotions with your partner.

Tip of the week: Focus on your needs


This week may cause you to experience some form of isolation, where you have to turn inwards and look at the deeper parts of your psyche. It is high time to think about your past actions, practice mindfulness, and do things that are beneficial for the mind and the heart. This week should be spent gathering your strength and solving all the problems that can hinder your progress. It is important to listen to your dreams and inner voice because they can help you find direction in the future.If you are single, you might feel more inclined to spend time with yourself, which is not bad, as it can help you realise what you want in a partner.

Tip of the week: Reflect on your decisions


This week, you may become outgoing as you are inclined to socialise with people, which is a perfect time to reinforce friendly relationships and establish new ones. Collaborative efforts will be a source of joy; you will feel you belong to a certain group. It is also a good time to address your dreams and goals since your connection to the community can be helpful. This is the right time to nurture good working relations with other professionals and showcase your interpersonal skills. In the area of love, this week promises to be more about social activities. If you are single, you may come across your potential partners through friends or family members.

Tip of the week: Look for new connections


This week, you may have a strong urge to work hard to achieve something and get the credit for it. This is the best time to concentrate on your career and strive to achieve your goals and dreams. Be aware of how you are coming across. Seizing this opportunity and demonstrating your leadership abilities and commitment is also important. But do not overdo it and appear too driven; temper your ambition with modesty, and do not sound too pushy.If you are single, you may be drawn to people who are goal-oriented and will not hinder your career advancement. Your parents may give you important tips, and this can make you approach your career with confidence.

Tip of the week: Don’t be pushy


This week, you may desire to discover something new, a new culture, or a new field of study. This energy should be embraced since it indicates that one should be receptive to new ideas and possibilities. It is a good time to develop as an individual and find out who you are in whatever ways you can; open yourself to be inspired by the things around you, whether through travelling, learning, or seeking your own faith. This week is a good time for job seekers to expand their search for a job and look for positions they may not have considered before. Don’t limit yourself to your industry or location; there could be something interesting outside your comfort zone.

Tip of the week: Be receptive to new ideas


This week is a time of reflection and self-development. Sometimes, you may desire to explore your soul and face the challenges or phobias keeping you from advancing. Let this energy of change be welcomed, as it is the time to let go of things that no longer benefit you. This is also a good time to engage in matters concerning money, especially where there are joint affairs or business ventures. Believe in your instincts and start taking necessary actions to protect your future. In matters of love, this week is ideal for people to work on their bonds and improve the quality of their relationships.

Tip of the week: Let go of negativity


This week is a good time to consider how you engage and relate to others. Be sure to pay attention to your friendly, business, or casual relationships. Stay neutral and balanced, and be ready to listen to other people. This is a good time to build new partnerships and maintain good relations with the existing ones. Seize chances to cooperate and look for opportunities to join a team that will improve your experience and create a stable work environment. If you are single, you may tend to be drawn to agreeable and socially nice people. Choose a person who is interested in creating a partnership.

Tip of the week: Focus on your relationships


This week, it is time to work on being disciplined and learning to arrange things most efficiently. Take good care of your body by eating healthy food and exercising regularly. You may experience a desire to clean the house and organise all its items, as well as clear one’s mind and organise one’s thoughts. This is the best energy to work with, so be hardworking and efficient in handling duties and assignments. When it comes to love, this week is more pragmatic and encourages us to be sensible when it comes to our relationships. If you are single, you might like people who are punctual, hardworking, and take care of themselves.

Tip of the week: Stay disciplined and organised


This week, dedicate time to your passion and even discover new pastimes. One should be willing to be creative. Do things you find pleasant, and make sure you indulge in creative work. It could be a revelation to learn that having some time from the normal humdrum of day-to-day work and other activities could be the best thing for your mind and spirit. This period is also good for dating and other personal matters that involve spending time with someone special. Approach your work with a new attitude and a fresh perspective. Do not wait to be called upon to volunteer for creative tasks, and do not hesitate to offer your ideas to your peers.

Tip of the week: Discover a new passion


This week, you may desire a closer relationship with your family and friends and return to your cultural background. This is a good time for relationship building and ensuring the environment is friendly and positive at home. You may also come across pondering your experiences and how they helped form the person you are today. Take comfort in knowing that this is the time to fortify your emotional stability and feel secure in your home environment. This is a week to remind ourselves and centre ourselves on the important things. Do things that would make your partner feel special.

Tip of the week: Nurture your emotions


This week, you will experience a desire to interact with other individuals and learn new information. This is a good time to be assertive and attentive to what one wants andwhat is being conveyed. Communication with other people will be especially fulfilling as one can partake in meaningful discourse. You may desire to write, read, or do something that would help you use your mind. Use the curiosity that propels you and follow it to explore and discover more this week. If you are single, you may get admirers through social media. Do not be too reserved, and be truthful about your emotions.

Tip of the week: Be assertive and attentive

(Neeraj Dhankher is an Astrologer with proficiency in Vedic, KP, and Nadi Astrology. He is the Founder and CEO of Astro Zindagi. The observations are made by the writer based on his analysis)

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