Weekly Horoscope from February 28 to March 6, Check prediction

Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for February 28 to March 6.

Aries: This is a favourable week for working professionals. A new job opportunity is around the corner, and you must not let it go when it knocks on your door. Business will gain momentum and new partnerships will be formed which will take your venture to the next level. You are likely to receive favourable results in family life. Any ongoing disputes in your family will now come to an end. Marriage prospects are on the cards for those who are still single. Students will remain devoted and will perform well in exams. Those appearing for competitive exams will be successful. Health ailments relating to spine could bother you.

Tip of the week: Look for new job prospects

Taurus: A competitive and proactive approach will go a long way in helping you achieve success this week. You will be able to successfully execute any project that you may undertake at your workplace. Business people are advised to not hold themselves back from taking risks and make efforts towards expansion. Any ongoing legal case can be decided in your favour. Student preparing for competitive exams will taste success. On the flip side, your family life may remain troublesome due to misunderstandings with your father. You are also advised to exercise restraint in relationship with your spouse else there could be fresh disputes.

Tip of the week: Be proactive

Gemini: This is a good time to consider change of job and seek new opportunities. Business potential will improve and those in the entertainment and creative field will witness success. Financial strength will remain strong and there are indications of gain from stock trading. This is also a good time to invest in real estate. Those in a relationship are likely to grow closer to their beloved. Single natives are also expected to meet up with someone special at this time. On a personal level, you are advised to maintain flexibility in your behaviour to avoid spoiling your marital life. There could be misunderstandings with your children.

Tip of the week: Communicate clearly

Cancer: This week, you will receive complete support of your colleagues and your seniors will remain impressed with your pace of work. An increase in the current salary of working professionals is also on the cards. Businesspeople need to exercise caution in terms of financial matters. Avoid investing in stock market else losses are indicated. You need to remain careful concerning your mother’s health and take medical help if required. Apart from this, things will remain favourable in your family life and you shall remain at peace. Health will remain fine barring some issues relating to your stomach and digestion.

Tip of the week: Avoid stock investments

Leo: This is the right time to look beyond your comfort zone. Your career will be on the upswing and you could receive new job opportunities this week. Businesspeople will continue to do well and may forge new tie-ups to foster their expansion. Those associated with the field of IT, media and marketing will do exceedingly well. There could be onset of a new romantic relationship this week which will work out in the long run. Married life will remain harmonious and relationship with your spouse will become stronger. Students will perform well in exams and will taste success in achieving their goals.

Tip of the week: Move out of your comfort zone

Virgo: This week, you will remain motivated to achieve your goals. Businesspeople can try to strike a major deal which will consolidate their finances. Salaried employees will remain committed to deliver greater output. Married couples may be stressed because of the non-cooperative attitude of their life partner. It will be important to remain patient to resolve the issues. Students pursuing higher education will be keen to earn some extra income. They may search for some opportunities that will assist them with their financial needs. Family atmosphere may not remain harmonious owing to financial disputes. Beware of any viral infections.

Tip of the week: Stay motivated

Libra: This week, you will be full of energy and all your pending work will be accomplished. This is a good time to start an independent venture. You could attain a position of authority in your workplace. Those already in business will be able to gain momentum which will translate into financial gains. This is a good time to expand your existing business. This is an exceptional time for students, especially those aspiring to pursue research. While at home, you need to curb your aggressive demeanor else it may lead to problems in personal life. Any kind of physical workout is advisable to calm your nerves.

Tip of the week: Curb your aggression

Scorpio: This week, your expenditure can shoot up which will eat up your savings. For working professionals, this is the time to exercise caution in your decision making. There could be additional pressure at workplace and a reactive approach is uncalled for. However, those in business will experience profits from overseas market. This is also a favourable time for students who are aspiring to study abroad. They will be able to avail admission in a college or university of their choice. There could be difference of opinion with your siblings which may spoil the family atmosphere. You shall remain susceptible to minor injuries or accidents. Hence, necessary caution is advised.

Tip of the week: Take decisions wisely

Sagittarius: This week your working environment will remain favourable and there are strong indications of an upliftment in your financial status. Those in business will be able to take decisions which will be beneficial in the long run. This is the right time to consider expanding your business contacts which will help boost your sales. However, this may not be a good time for obtaining any fresh loans. On the family front, you are advised to avoid unnecessary conflicts and maintain peace. A positive mindset will go a long way to maintain a healthy relationship. Try to abstain from eating junk food to avoid digestive disorders and throat infections.

Tip of the week: Avoid taking loans

Capricorn: This week you shall remain action-oriented and will be able to realise your goals. Your ideas will start taking shape and will gather speed. As a result, there will be additional workload at the workplace, and you will be able to complete all tasks with accountability and responsibility. Your productivity will be well appreciated by your seniors. Some of you may also be promoted, especially those working in defence or police. Family life shall remain harmonious and there could be gain from inherited assets. There will be a renewed energy in your love life and a favourable transition is in sight. Beware of any seasonal illnesses.

Tip of the week: Be action-oriented

Aquarius: There will be a sense of balance in your professional and family life this week. You will have self-confidence and vigour to achieve all tasks with ease and elegance. Working professionals will be able to complete all assignments on time. Those in business will taste success as your past plans will now start yielding results. On the family front, there could be unexpected financial support from your father which will bail you out from precarious situations. This is a favourable time for those involved in the education or teaching industry. Students will be able to improve their focus and perform well in studies. Your immunity will remain strong.

Tip of the week: Believe in yourself

Pisces: This week you will receive opportunities to work on overseas assignments. Those in business will find this time suitable to forge global partnerships. This is a good time to invest in long-term opportunities. But on the whole, this is the time to introspect about your life situation and strategy to achieve your goals. Those associated with research work or occult sciences will find this period beneficial for growth. On the family front, your siblings could face some problems and may need your support. Your mother’s health may need additional care and attention. You shall remain prone to infections relating to lower abdomen.

Tip of the week: Invest in long-term avenues

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