Weekly Astro: This week Capricorn is in focus from December 19-25

Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your weekly astro forecast for December 19-25. This week Capricorn is in focus. For a happy week ahead avoid conflicts this week.


Your attention should be on minimising your tension and sharpening your concentration this week. Competitors could give you unwanted stress. Your spouse’s wellbeing may deteriorate, and costs are likely to soar. Students may run into challenges and will need to put in more effort this week to get the desired outcome. Those of you who are in business will gain from partnerships. Your interactions with your business associate will also get better. Making arrangements relating to abroad or overseas will make you earn more. You may take a quick trip at the conclusion of the week. Your kids could face health issues.

Tip of the week: Minimise stress


This week, your creative side will shine through. It will be enjoyable for you to spend time with your kids. Your company will make a sizable profit, and you may even earn from overseas sources like the import-export of items. Your relationships with friends and coworkers will also get better, as will your social standing. You could consider obtaining a bank loan. Real estate investments are advantageous at the moment. Overall, your personal life will continue to be cheerful. Your mother could experience some health issues, though. Your spouse will witness progress in career. Gains through ancestor property are indicated.

Tip of the week: Enhance your creativity


You will succeed in all of your endeavours this week. It will feel better if you pay off your previous loan. Expenses will be made on home-related items. You could think about engaging in a land-related deal. You can try to establish a new company alliance or partnership. Those students who have been struggling in higher education will now see progress. You could get the opportunity to meet your maternal uncle and discuss some important matter. This is the ideal moment to improve your abilities and participate in any study programme. You’ll be content with family life this week. Your mother will get to take pleasure in your company.

Tip of the week: Pay off past loans


In any circumstance you encounter this week, you are urged to maintain your courage. Work on your communication abilities since they will be a boon to your job. You’ll probably take a quick trip to a nearby location. Strong indications point to a rise in income, which will help your financial situation. Mentally at ease and content in your personal life are both assured. There will be love and devotion among family members, and the home atmosphere will be pleasant. On crucial family issues, your siblings will stand behind you. Your relationship will be strengthened by their willingness to support you in all of your endeavours.

Tip of the week: Stay courageous


You must watch out for both your coworkers and rivals this week. Make it a habit to work independently rather than relying on them for every assignment; only then will you succeed. Receiving financial rewards is very likely, especially if you have connections abroad. You’ll become more open to learning new things. You’ll have new opportunities in your work life as a result of this. Your younger siblings could have some sort of professional difficulty. You’ll defeat your adversaries and frustrate all of their plots. This week, you’e likely to celebrate a family event, which will make things happy at home.

Tip of the week: Guard against rivals


You’ll be inspired to start some new projects this week. Your thoughts will be overcome with a sense of pride, and you’ll want to make everyone around you happy. Although you’ll be successful in amassing riches, your family may have some financial ups and downs during this time. Short-distance travel will be advantageous. By putting up the effort, you will also achieve great success in your professional life. Your children will experience your emotional love and devotion. Students that take competitive tests will have a decent probability of succeeding. You may have discomfort from eye and ear health concerns.

Tip of the week: Stay inspired


You will build strong relationships with your coworkers this week, which will advance your career. You will also profit from any work that was put on hold in the past, and there is a good chance that previous plans will be revived. In their line of work, entrepreneurs will continue to succeed. Foreign resources may be advantageous to them. From your father’s side, you will get financial advantages. You’ll pay close attention to the family and comprehend what they require. You’ll have a successful time on every business trip you take. The family’s financial situation will be stable, and their reputation will rise.

Tip of the week: Revive pending plans


You’ll achieve success in your line of work this week. Positive outcomes will occur from your dedicated work ethic. Those in employment may get promoted, and their workload would go up. In property-related problems, you will be profitable. If you do business, your connection with your partner may be tense. Avoid such a situation at all costs since it might harm your company. There can be a peculiar disconnect in your thinking that interferes with your connections with the people you care about. The younger siblings will help you. A change in employment is possible for your spouse. You may have discomfort related to stomach.

Tip of the week: Prepare for extra workload


This week, you’ll still have a spiritual bent. As a result of your desire to explore the uncharted, you will get interested in religious activities. Your mind will start to feel really motivated to shift jobs, therefore you’ll start moving in that direction. You’ll get more esteem and goodwill in society, and you and your father will get along well. You will have the chance to make commercial investments. Your older siblings will be there for you. Your interactions with your top officers will get better. You income will rise, and you can now more easily achieve your goals. There is a chance of seasonal infections.

Tip of the week: Explore the uncharted


You’ll probably want to spend money this week on things that will help you feel better. The opposite sex will draw your attention, and you could want for a devoted relationship. The chance of conflict with your in-laws exists if you’re married. There is also a possibility of financial loss. Any type of financial investment might end up being detrimental. Your father may feel a little resentful, but he will carry on doing well. A move to a different position is a possibility. Also possible is the opportunity to take lucrative business travels. In the workplace, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue your interests, which will be satisfying for you.

Tip of the week: Avoid conflicts


Entrepreneurs should expect to see robust business development and make a healthy profit. They may also be successful in growing their company. Your business partner and you will have a successful equation. Those who have a job will advance and have the chance to get promoted. There can be unforeseen financial benefits that come on suddenly. Additionally, you can gain from inherited property. Success is possible in the realm of education as well. Although your costs could go up, you will be able to defeat your rivals. Your relationship with your partner may be a little tense due to potential conflicts. Watch what you eat.

Tip of the week: Learn something new


You might have to put in more effort this week to complete your tasks. You could get frustrated by the delays that result from this. Avoid becoming irate or defiant, since these emotions may cause some of your chores to get delayed. To promote greater harmony at work, try to adjust yourself. There might be health issues that your mother needs your help with. Family conflicts may also arise. It would be best if you made an effort to keep any disputes or conflicts with family members to a minimum under such circumstances. Be wary of your rivals since they could try to hurt you. There may be some pointless travel.

Tip of the week: Avoid family disagreements

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