These 5 Zodiac signs doesn’t like to follow rules

While some people believe in following rules and maintaining discipline in life, there are some who do not like to abide by these rules. They believe in being rebel, hence, dare to break rules without hesitation. However, astrology has found that this kind of traits are found in certain zodiac signs.

Read further to know who are these five zodiac signs that top the chart of people that do not prefer to be a part of the crowd.


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Aries are known for their impulsiveness. They do not like people telling them what to do and what not to. The fiery sign possess a personality that is always ready to fight for what they love, especially their freedom. Aries only trust their instincts and like to follow their heart. On the same time, they politely disregard the rules instead of being aggressive or mean. Aries aren’t born with great intellect when it comes to doing something off beam, but that doesn’t mean that they are not bright at all.


Gemini love their freedom, and rules can never limit them within a boundary. They would rather like to make their way instead of following the herd. They thrive in impulsiveness, hence, they often break rules. They roam with the “I don’t give a shit” attitude and they prefer to live their life with a little mischief and a lot of spice.


Sagittarius too do not care about what people think or want them to do. Being a sign that craves adventure, they like a thrilling life made with impulsive decisions. They never look at the rule books before doing anything. However, they also crave for truth, that is why they are always ready to act accordingly. They would either fight with you to bring out answers or use their resources to find out the truth. Sagittarius are all about having fun and breaking rules.


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Aquarians believe in setting themselves free from the norms. Albeit being introverts they surprise everyone by thinking outside the box to bring in revolutionary actions and ideas. They are not good at handling legal things, hence, they strongly believe that plenty of things needs to be rearranged. However, they have a sharp brain and want to take stand for those who cannot be true to themselves.


Pisces are very intuitive, therefore, they like to take actions accordingly. Even if it means breaking the rules, they will do it without hesitation. They do not care about the aftermath of their actions and like to go with the flow. For them, rules are meant to be broken as they limit their creativity and liberty. Albeit being impulsive, Pisceans try their best to play safe in various matters and are extremely afraid of getting caught.

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