Saturn retrogrades in Aquarius: Five zodiac signs to get affected the most

Saturn has begun to retrograde in Aquarius since January 17. The transition will continue till March 5, 2023.

Saturn has begun to retrograde in Aquarius since January 17. The transition will continue till March 5, 2023. Although this cosmic event will affect five specific zodiac signs the most, its effect will fall on all signs whatsoever.

The five signs to get most affected by this retrograde are Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. From getting hurt in the legs to facing stomach problems, increasing frustration to some sort of tension bothering you within the span of time are some of the things likely to surround you.

The transition taking place between January 31 and March 5 will have its effects on all zodiac signs. While some will face a bad time, some will highly benefit from it.

Read further to know what changes will come for your zodiac sign after Saturn retrogrades in Aquarius on January 31, 2023.


Many ups and downs may appear in your professional life during this period of time. You may also suffer a big loss in terms of money. The time is going to prove challenging to you and physical problems may also arise. However, the marriage or relationship part is safe. Try not to let your other problems affect it and you are good to go.


There won’t be many changes in your life, Taureans. Things will remain as it is. However, retrograding Saturn may ask for hard work if you need good results in the future. So, put in the extra effort even though it tires you. In terms of money, control your expenses, and you could have a smooth running. Avoid getting into conflicts with your partner or else, you might end up in a fight.


The time is in fact good for you in terms of career. You will receive good opportunities to achieve new heights. If it suits your taste, don’t lose the chance. The transition will take you to a state of introspection, where you will be able to fix your mistakes and your confidence will increase. Luck will be in your favour. There are chances of traveling long distances.


Cancerians in business with a partner can expect a lot of disputes between you two. Therefore, need to be very careful. Do not get involved in any new work even by mistake. Let your incomplete work finish before and be crystal clear with your ideas. The time demands for self-analysis and introspection, this will allow you to rectify your mistakes and focus on your subjects of interest.


The current Saturn retrograde can have a bad effect on your health. If you are already sick, then problems may increase. If you are looking to get married, expect some delays. Think ten times before investing in any joint ventures or joint business. Avoid getting into arguments with your partners, be they professional or romantic.


The transition won’t have much effect on your sign, things will be usual and life will run smoothly. Cherish the good times. However, there are possibilities of old disputes opening up again, try to avoid such situations. Employed Virgos can expect a change in their current job.


The effect of this Saturn retrograde will fall in your fifth house of positive vibes. You will be able to perform well in your studies. Hard work will pay off and a new source of income is expected to knock on your doors. In terms of love, you are likely to find a true life partner. Married couples trying to get pregnant are likely to get good news.


The transition is not in favour of you Scorpio, try not to get in business with anyone during this time. Avoid making a big investment at this time, and restrain yourself from doing any new experiments in business. However, there are good things too, like getting success in your endeavors- this will leave you excited. Luck won’t always leave your side. Disputes among siblings may occur.


The time will be good for you, Sagittarius. Your stalled work will get completed and it will relish a sense of relief for you. Expect short trips which will increase your professional network. People of this sign expecting a job change or transfer, now is the right time to initiate.


Good news for Capricorn, time will be in your favour. Unexpected expenses will come under control; you may want to bring artistic items home. Yet, be careful in investments related to real estate. Meanwhile, control your way of speaking and everything else is set.


Your ruling planet going retrograde in your sign is a big deal. Within this time, if you are planning to change jobs, reconsider your decision until you are completely sure. Aquarius in business is also advised not to make any kind of investment at this time. Married people of this sign can expect some sort of quarrel with their spouse on every issue. Unexpected success may come in your professional life, but due to excessive work, you need to be careful of your health. Don’t worry; you will soon observe a balance in your financial situation.


Although everything in your life remains stable right now, certain things may bother you. People not listening to you could be one of the factors that will annoy you the most. You may observe a few obstacles in your work life, but luck will save you every time. You may get confused when it comes to decision-making, but you will soon realize the right path. Unexpected expenses may increase, but a new source of income will also open. In short, there will be a balance so do not panic in any situation.

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