Relationship mistakes each Zodiac sign make

There are a few actions we repeat, dictated by our zodiac signs, which may end up sabotaging the relationship.

New Delhi: Nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes in relationships. However, there are a few actions we repeat, dictated by our zodiac signs. Knowing them early may help us from sabotaging our relationship. Here’s a list of some zodiac traits common to all, discover your areas of weakness.


This zodiac sign often tries to be dominant and they end up being too controlling at times. Your competitive personality shines through and this kills the zeal of a relationship in no time. You have to remember that your partner is equal.


Just so that they can avoid any kind of drama, you tend to hold back a lot. Your intention is not to hurt your partner’s feelings but the truth is that is the problem, you end up holding back your pain and this brews into a lot of poison. When this gets too much, you will snap at your partner, and regret it later.


You run away the moment there is some problem in your relationship, which means you hardly stick to one for long.


You have a tendency to get so much into a relationship that you lose yourself, and your individuality. You let co-dependency creep in and forget your own identity. Your world starts revolving around one person and this gets very toxic, not just for you but for your partner too.


You are drama, whether male or female, and you are well aware of this. In the whole process, you forget that you are overshadowing your own partner.


You have an annoying habit of trying to fix people all the time. You may be reliable and steady and ever grounded, but you show love by knowing what your partner needs before they themselves know of it. This is breathing into your partner’s own space.


You play hot and cold when least expected, and this confuses your partner. You say yes but do not act on it and your doubting habits can ruin your relationship.


You can be so intense that you take things from 0 to 100 in a second. You go all out and can even make your love interest run away. Also, sadly, in your relationship, you have to be right and supported by your partner but if they do not, you can just end things. Your way is the highway can be an issue.


You think everything is nice in this world. This cannot annoy your partner sometimes. Your habit of brushing everything under the carpet cannot be an answer.


With you, the biggest issue is that you take very long to trust when it comes down to your relationship. You take so long to communicate your feelings that you can even lose your love.


You can seem to be too cold and detached for someone interested in you. You do not like the conventional way of a relationship but not everyone likes that. Your me-time is important but you tend to overdo it.


Your bubble is a tad bit too much for those who lack imagination and in most cases, you can be weird for some. When you are in love everything becomes beautiful for you and you forget to set boundaries and sacrifice too much. When that bubble breaks, you are that devastated soul and this can be difficult for the other person in a relationship with you.

(Renowned astrologer Pandit Jagannath Guruji)

(Inputs from IANS)

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