November blood moon lunar eclipse will highly effect THESE 4 Zodiac Signs

The second and last lunar eclipse of 2022 will occur on November 8, during the intense Scorpio season. This lunar eclipse will commence at 2.38 pm IST and continue till 6.18 pm IST.

This astral transition will bring all sorts of personal transformations and emotional intensity to our lives. This lunar eclipse is unique for many reasons. The moon will be in its full form, the lunar eclipse will be the last one of this year, it will also be a blood moon, and most of all the impact of such a cosmic event will bring drastic changes in the lives of people with certain zodiac signs.

Four particular zodiac signs are likely to get affected by this lunar transition the most. Read further to know if yours is one of the signs and what changes are predicted for you.


The spotlight of this blood moon is completely on you, Taurus. Even if you are not in the mood for all the attention it brings you, you have to admit that your glow is making heads turn. This eclipse is will push you to get out of your comfort zone and start proving your worth. You might do something completely unpredictable or experience something totally expected. With every eclipse, you reach a personal milestone, and that will be the case this time as well. However, the end of an era also means the beginning of a new one. But remember to catch a breath before you take on the new voyage.


Career-wise, you have probably been feeling a little agitated or impatient lately, Leo. It is either because you have been trying to outgrow your current position or feeling ready for something new. This lunar transition will be taking place in your 10th house of career, motivating you to try something completely different at work. You may surprise everyone by doing something big and unexpected in your career. You could also be accepting a promotion or leaving a job that no longer suits your interest. No matter what you choose now, remember that you will come across many more opportunities in the future. The universe is simply bringing you closer to the type of career you were always meant for.


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Someone is constantly in your mind nowadays, Scorpio. It could be your significant other, best friend, business partner, or even your arch-nemesis. No matter who it is, this eclipse is encouraging you to evolve in your relationship with this person. If the situation is less than ideal, you may be ready to part ways with someone you share a toxic dynamic with. But, if things are going well, you may feel ready to commit to this person. The effect of this eclipse not only brings major relationship change but you may also find yourself having an all-new perspective on it. You may also be thinking of what improvement you can bring to yourself in order to harmonize with others. The answer to a healthier and mutually beneficial relationship is within yourself.


The upcoming blood-moon-lunar-eclipse will take place in your fourth house of home and family, Aquarius. It will encourage you to move to a new place and set boundaries with relatives. It may also inspire you to nurture the relationship you share with your loved ones. With time, the people who make you feel at home may change. So, hold onto the thought that home is not always a place or certain people, but a state of mind. This eclipse is trying to show you what exactly you need to feel like you belong, read the signs carefully. You may be getting emotional and physical security at home currently, and the lunar transition will encourage you to improve your relationship with your near and dear ones.

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