Monthly Horoscope October 2022: Know what stars have in store for you

With the arrival of autumn, October observes a lot of harvest festivals. It is the beginning of the festive season, and everyone is busy with preparations and celebrations. While the air feels cozy and spiritualism reigns the month, god’s grace showers upon all bringing good fortune, love, abundance, and happiness.

Meanwhile, the astral positions suggest the end of three retrogrades this Scorpio season. However, there is still a dramatic eclipse and Mars retrograde coming ahead. Read further to know what the stars have in the bucket for you this October; how blessed are you and what changes will the cosmic event bring.


This October you are all set to take control of your life, be it work, home, or money, you are determined to get them all on right track. Although this will start with your concern with your current finances, it will gradually blossom into a broader feeling of being in control and knowing how you can assemble your resources in order to survive and thrive.

The stars are providing you with a strong foundation and bringing purpose to your life this month. Invest in managing your finances well, take a look to your home and protect your nest.

Give some attention to your family, ancestors, childhood, and youth, and look back at habits or ideas, or practices that can help you save some money. Either by cost-cutting or building up wealth. Either way, it will make your home feel safe and protected. Maybe family members can offer support or good advice. Maybe there are tricks and tips you’ve deployed in the past that could work well again now. Don’t miss out on any details.



You are worried about your future, and this will make you feel emotional and confused. The stars are planning to put you in a difficult situation that can possibly turn worse. It will also demotivate you into sharing doubts and fears which will eventually grow bigger and darker in the shadow of your mind.

Don’t stress, Taurus, not everything is against you. In fact, doesn’t matter how hard things go, all going to be okay. Too much worrying will only make this worse. Find a trusted person to talk to this October. Rant all you want, pour your heart out, and release the tension. Things are not half as bad as you fear. Whatever the issues are, you are strong enough to face them.


You have faced a huge speedbreaker in your way, and it frustrates you as it slows down all events or puts them to a halt. Momentum is very much important to you, and you always want to keep moving forward. You love going forward and creating new ideas and actions. Relax, Gemini! Nothing is constant, and things can’t always be the same. Maybe, look at things from a different perspective, and try other people’s points of view.

You could meet a conflict anytime this month, but remember to see it in a positive light. That is because it holds the key to you making progress again. Focus on the real reason for your tension, and find ways to tackle it at the root cause. Soon enough, you will be able to move ahead.


Take a deep breath, Cancer, and look forward to a new beginning this October. The stars bring you a fresh start, so do what suits you, inspires you, or makes you feel alive (even if others disapprove). It’s your life, and you have to live it. So, take control.

During this new beginning, you might have competition or rivalry. This is because others want what you have. Don’t let anyone put you off because you deserve this break. Rivalry is actually a compliment and it shows you’ve chosen something worthwhile to pursue.

Meanwhile, astral configurations also show that this new beginning could be linked to romance, friendship, or some kind of holiday, event, trip, or wonderful adventure. Whatever this is, stand your ground, make it happen, and revel in the inspiring energy of starting afresh.


Someone in your circle (friend, family, or work) has been showing crappy behaviour towards you. Albeit, your ignoring this person, they don’t tend to stop. This is high time, you finally notice this attitude of theirs and understand that it is not okay. Don’t skip it anymore, this needs to stop. You are a natural force for truth and justice, you protect other people innately, and you don’t want this bad habit cropping up ever again. Speak up.

The stars reveal that the issue is based on a power struggle, an imbalance in a relationship, a person who is overbearing, or even bullying. Do what it takes to identify the problem and remove it from your life, and of those you love.


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You are usually a self-disciplined person, Virgo, but this October you are tempted to do something rash, something risky, and maybe rather wonderful. As long as you are willing to own the consequences, follow your instincts, and go for it.

The astral energy is conflicting right now, it can sometimes be positive and sometimes be negative. You need to understand the circumstances and deal with them. Dare to do what you please. This temptation is probably a feeling of exciting, inspiring, enlivening, and empowering. Live it.

Meanwhile, a small mitigating piece of advice for you: pace it. Things don’t have to have overnight, or right now. You can plan your trips or strategies as per your preference. Sit in peace with your favourite cake while you decide, there’s no hurry.


Dear Libra, try to spice up your social life this October. The stars want you to focus on the people, places, and activities that already bring you joy. But if it hasn’t broken, then there’s no need to fix it. However, it will be beneficial if you could add some new contacts to your phone book.

Be brave, take risk, go someplace new and interesting, connect with people you might not normally hang around with, join a group you pick at random, pop in, and sign up for something you wouldn’t normally consider. Maybe take a resolution to have tried at least three new things by the end of the month.

It’s time to celebrate, live well, mingle, and enjoy this wonderful world you’re living in. Stop hiding yourself Libra, because life happens when you are busy planing. And if you don’t come out and live it, you will miss out on it.


Expect a magical, powerful, game-changing (in a good way) month ahead, Scorpio. The stars are twinkling happily upon your career. They ask you to put away distractions and get down to business, probably towards something creative, something that you have been desperate to produce. It could be a book, a pitch, a DIY project, a makeover, a course, or a creation of some wondrous kind. Get serious about it and execute a plan to make things happen.

Once you pursue this creative goal, things will change for you. Your outlook will shift, your habits and behaviours will adapt, and your sense of self esteem, identity and pride will blossom. You are ready to create something exceptional. You just need to your work and unite the energy to do get it done.



You are probably facing some sort of setback in life, and it has you thinking. You could be facing disappointmens, because of this, and this will leave you wondering if it was actually a blessing in disguise.

Well! The planets say it was, hence, they urge you to understand the right thing to do and act on it. If you are unable to grab an opportunity, remember that it is because it wasn’t right for you and something bigger and better is waiting for you. Find what that is and set off in its direction this October.

The stars indicate that what you aim for next will surely happen. So, make a wish and work for it- let the Universe provide you the backup. Whatever was lost will be replaced by something way better.


This October, you are eager to get something out of your chest. You may also use tact and dishonesty for this, and this will land on and resonate someone who is already a bit sensitive. You probably wish you didn’t have to speak to this person about the matter hence, you avoid them.

However, the delay in resolvement will keep mounting the tension or issue. Think thoroughly, Capricorn, think about possible comebacks and be ready with answers. Pick a good time to talk because you cannot escape this. It is best to face it.

Pick a good time to talk. Be kind, be compassionate, listen carefully. Every story has two sides. You probably don’t know the act issues going on for this person. Find out, but make sure you speak your point of view too.


It is normal to get defensive, cautious, and even stubbornly over-protective of yourself after a tragedy or loss. The stars have seen you cleaning your wounds. And it worries you that it might happen again and you overthink finding ways to avoid it.

Remember Aqua, it is a part of life and not the whole. Therefore, stop wasting every other moment worrying about something that might not happen. Being cautious is wise, but inertia is not. So, move on to a new page, even the Umiverse agrees.

Start afresh, rebuild, and re-enter the stage with optimisn and enthusiasm. There is still a long happy life ahead of you-get busy living it well.


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Meeting and talking to new people this month may bring you amazing opportunities or reward that you simply must not miss. Use communication to expand your network.

Come out of your shell and introduce yourself to the new world. The planetary alignment indicates that you need a little dose of energy and inspiration and that meeting new people is the fastest way to success.

The air will be positive around you; success, love, joy, prosperity and opportunity are likely to be on your path ahead. If only you can summon your confidence and reach out, what you want is definitely yours.

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