Monthly Horoscope for April 2022; Check astrological prediction for Gemini, Pisces and others

Horoscope is all about future happenings and predictions. Our stars and ruling planets have a lot to say about how the forthcoming time will be. So here goes the complete horoscope from Aries to Pisces for the month of April, 2022. Know what the zodiacs have for you in the bucket.



Dear Aries, let the month of April welcome you with a warm hug. Lat month, began the Aries season intending a birthday celebration. You have either had it or yet to have, however, you will be passing the torch to Taurus this month. So, enjoy what’s left of your season before it ends. Don’t be disheartened, it might not be your birthday but the coming two months you sure will get to be a part of many celebrations.

On April five, the planet of love, beauty and abundance, Venus will enter Pisces, which will will bring you various monetary gifts from the universe. So, set a reminder around this time as a lot of prosperous and professional offers will come your way. Remember, if it comes to you, it is because you are worthy of it. So, be proud of yourself.

On April 10, the planetary configuration is supposed to send you for a deep spiritual dive. This is a beautiful time to explore more about what psychics and tarot cards say about your future. Let the universe communicate with you.

Your ruling planet too, Mars, too will be moving to Pisces during the mid of the month. This will improve your financial conditions. If someone owes you money, this time will boost your confidence into getting it out from them. It’s either that or you could be getting a raise. However, you will find yourself patient and encouraged to ask for what you deserve.

The coming full moon on April 16, is likely to boost your romantic life with various flavours. Along with the spice in bed, the full moon will also bring in some drama. But, don’t worry it will be too minor to affect your relationship. Instead, pleasure is on the cards.

During the end of the month, Pluto begins to retrograde. This effects every sign either positively or negatively. In your case, Aries, being the planet of death and rebirth, Pluto that will undergo a five month retrograde will ask you to transform you home life. Get ready to move into a new house or remodel the old one. Don’t need to go over the budget, but you can start with making necessary changes.



During the end of March you observed new professional opportunities coming your way, Taurus. So, when your ruling planet Venus, the goddess of love, money and beauty, enter Pisces on April 5, you need to exercise for extra income. The time will bring you prosperity if you work out (in money deals) enough. Last month, you were boosted with creative ideas, now is the time to bring it in action.

Chatty Mercury will move to your sign on April 10, bringing a little down time in your work life. Also, your love life will be affected by it somehow. Therefore, try to wrap up tough conversations in your love life around this time. You and your partner may be having a lot of argument related to budgeting, kids or your current living situation. Wait till April 14, when the fighter Mars enter the calm Pisces, things will start to sort out eventually. Moreover, if situation is worse, you both can consider taking couple therapy sessions.

During the full moon, you will observe improvements in your love life. However, if you are single, you won’t feel lonely, but in fact have a good time with yourself. Treat yourself good and take care of your mental health first.

Your season begins on April 19, it is time for celebration as your birthday month begins. Whether your birthday falls on late April or early May, you deserve a grand party. So, take some time out to plan your big day, and at least for a few weeks from now, stop stressing over how to please people. For once, let other please you and take care of you, as you enjoy your season.

The end of the month is going to be a little tough, and is likely to pull you into philosophical debates. Be open to learning new ideas and perspectives.



Hello pretty Gemini, the month of April asks you to find a balance between personal and professional life. It is not easy for the social butterfly to take a break, but you need to understand the value of balance in life. However, when Venus enters Pisces on April 5, you will find yourself in the state of relaxation. This will bring blessing to your home and life. Take some time to cook your favourite meal, make love or get enough sleep. The social circles and new opportunities will still be there when you come back from your time out.

Mercury, your ruling planet, enters luxurious Taurus on April 10, resulting material wealth come as the forefront of the conversation. You may find yourself dealing with financial matters with your business partner or negotiating salary proposals at work. You are a great talker, Gemini, but do not forget to listen at important topics as well. This way you will be able to get what you want.

At the mid of the month, when a full moon enters Libra, you will want to sociolize less. It is a good thing, especially when you are feeling philosophical. You will rather feel comfortable staying at home, discussing the meaning of life with a friends or your partner. Try meditating, it will help you find mental peace.

Towards the end of the month, you will have money in your head by all means. It is important to stay calm during during any negotiations. Things will soon be on track as your communicative planet, Mercury, cannot stay away from you very much. You know when to push and pull during a situation, trust your guts.



Cancer, you found peace within your romantic relationship at the end of March. It was possible due to proper communication. Those happy vibes continues to flow on the first half of the month as Venus, the planet of love, money and beauty, enters Pisces. This affects your love your sex life in a positive way. During this time, you and your partner will have an easy time expressing your feeling. Enjoy the moment as long as it lasts.

The messenger of Gods, Mercury, retrogrades on April 10. This effects of it on your sign is positive. It will improve your communication skills and the transit will help you sail smooth in your love life. It also help you stand up for yourself and  your right to self-care in all areas of life. Use the boost of confidence to set boundaries both at home and at work.

April don’t only offers you power to set boundaries, but also brings opportunities to explore. When Mars enters Pisces on the mid of the month, you are likely to observe things spicing up in the bedroom. It is a good time to trying new things in your sex life. But remember to talk to your partner about it before you initiate. If you are single, treat yourself with self-care and enjoy your own company.

The appearance of the full moon on April 16, brings you better career opportunities. This time around, expect to complete your pending project or work opportunity you have been working on. Because you are ruled by the moon, Cancer, the lunar cycle affects you more than any other sign. This could mean having a improved financial status. Try to avoid taking stress this weekend and or might be on the way of a good news.

The Taurus season that begins on April 19, asks you to finalise important conversations. Wrap up romantic or professional talks that has been pending for a long time now. Put these subjects away and move on to better and bigger things. The end of the month, will be specifically important for business meetings, enhancing the chart of money and possessions in your sign.



April asks you to focus on your mental health and self-care, Leo. On the first week of April, when the goddess of beauty, romance, and money- Venus- enters gentle Pisces, you need to take care of your health. Doesn’t matter how frustrating it feels, go through the routine check ups and get enough sleep. Sometimes, it is good to take some break from the limelight and bask in sun in silence.

On April 10, the chatty Mercury enters Taurus, encouraging healthy communication between you and your partner. Not only a romantic partner but if you are having a conflict with your roommate or a business executive, the time shall help you mend all issues. You are boosted with energy that encourages you in doing some cleaning or redecorating to celebrate the upcoming warmer months. One of the joys in life is to make your place more welcoming and cheerful.

During the mid of the month, your health will need the most of your attention. Don’t worry, this does not mean that you’re about to fall sick, but a little routine check-up harms no one. If you’re tired then get enough sleep; work can wait a little, your health is more important. The full moon in Libra on April 16, the sign of balance and justice, can have everyone feeling on the edge. Therefore, you need to be aware of fights within your friends group.

When the Taurus season begins on April 19, you may continue to feel homesick for the next few weeks. If there’s drama going on in your life then will add more reason to stay in.

During the end of the month, albeit feeling low, try to complete unfinished conversations and expect to work things out in your relationships. With Pluto going retrograde and Mercury entering Gemini, most of your conversations with your partner will be about sex. If you are single, you may feel like start dating. However, if you are committed, you may finally get a chance to live out your fantasy.



Dear Virgo, the end of March spruced up your sexual life and and brought fantasies to life. Hence, the appearance of Venus, the god of beauty, wealth, and love, enters emotional Pisces on the beginning of April, brings more love life blessings to your life. Yes, confessing your desires can be scary, but do it, it can help you increase intimacy with your partner. After a few days, you may have a new outlook on love. You deserve to be loved for exactly who you are.

The beginning of the month is all about your love and sex life, Virgo. But, when the fierce planet Mars enters Pisces on April 14, you are likely to experience a little drama in your romance. Give yourself some time and remind yourself that everyone goes through small fights or from feeling insecure. You and your partner can solve these issues through communicating or by making things a little spicy in bed.

A full moon is to appear in Libra on April 16, turning your focus to professional matters. This is an excellent time to look for better job opportunities or talk to your senior about a raise. Remember, full moons can make everyone sensitive, so stay calm during negotiations. Your goal is not only limited to making more money, you intend to be a part of a career opportunity that aligns with your values. Lean on this lunar event, it will help you achieve it.

Taurus’s birthday month begins on April 19, affecting your love life in a more positive way. Being the healer of all zodiacs, you tend to put other’s needs above you. Sometime’s it is okay to be there for others, but don’t forget to relax and rejuvenate. Take some help from your partner or if you are single, then focus on self-love and self-care.

Your ruling planet Mercury, enters Gemini on April 29, turning your attention to home life. Being an introvert, your privacy matters a great deal to you. Therefore, spend some time talking to your roommate or partners, and get yourself some ‘Me’ time.

The Mercury retrograde on Pluto, during the end of the month, will affect your philosophical views. Particularly because April brings more quality time in your love life and boosts your path towards your ambition, you are likely to feel more confident in bed and happier  at work.



The end of March had you assertively start your romantic needs, Libra. It helped you improve your love life, and in April you are in for some more romantic time with your partner. This is because, your ruling planet Venus, that takes care of love, abundance and beauty, enters sweet Pisces on April 5. The transit will promote healthy changes in your relationship. Apart from that, it will help you clear all disagreements with your partner and offer a boost of confidence.

However, even with the goddess of love on your side, dating can be a little stressful. With communicative Mercury entering Taurus on April 10, you will be ready to talk about your needs regarding health. So, when romance starts feeling a little cramped, don’t hesitate to talk openly about the importance of mental peace. It is normal to desire for some time to heal after a fight with your significant other. A good relationship is build with the help of better communication. Therefore, if things have worsen, consider going to a couple counselor.

Give importance to your health. When fighter Mars enters soft Pisces on April 14, your intimate relationship sees improvement. This is a good time to talk about your sexual desires with your partner or invest in more private time. The mid of the month, brings magical time for you and your significant other. The full moon that is all set to enter your sign on April 16, puts all the attention on you. Healthily channel the energy during this time by spending more time with your love interest or by focusing on self care and self love.

Taurus season that begins on April 19, asks you to focus on your health. So, go to the doctors even though you don’t like to. It can be visiting the dentist, or regular check-ups; in any means take care of yourself. Find plenty of time to complete your sleep and prefer your favorite method of stress relief. Meditate or spend time in nature.

During the end of the month, Pluto retrogrades for five months in ambitious Capricorn, affecting your social status. Libras know how to rock the spotlight, so when the planet goes direct be ready to shine. Say yes to any professional offer that comes your way, which sparks joy. Don’t forget that your time is precious. Therefore, turn down job offers that only stresses you out. Otherwise, they will distract you from your true dreams.



Dear Scorpio, you have worked hard last month hence was blessed with good results as well. This optimism of yours will help you this month to fight with the evil world. Keep on embracing every ounce of pleasure that comes your way. Venus enters creative Pisces on April 5, this planet of love, money and beauty will help you rethink your creative process. Even if you don’t work in a creative field, you are a creative sign in general and you must often consider this side of yours. This transit will guide you into writing, learning something new or turning your hobby into a profession. However, your perspective will change whether you understand the benefits of mental health derived from your hobby or experience a profitable breakthrough.

The chatty Mercury enters Taurus on April 10, making room for improvement in your love life. So, put all the arguments down and give your relationship another try. Focus on being calm and composed, the more patient you will be the more better your bond will become.

During the mid of the month, when fiery Mars enters Pisces, you might find yourself between debates regarding politics or philosophical opinions. If you don’t find respect served in the table, get out of there, but don’t lose your cool and let others put their point of view forward. You might learn something.

The full moon that will appear in Libra on April 16, will manifest money for you, Scorpio. Your hard work is finally about to get paid. According to the stars, the full moon has epic potential for your wallet.

With Taurus season beginning on April 19, the air in your sign will turn romantic. So, regardless of your relationship status this time, don’t hesitate to show love. Whether with your long term partner or some one new, expect unexpected dates.

At the end of the month, you might start feeling everything very deeply. The time will let you talk briefly about your health, including stress. If need ask your boss for a vacation, or tell your therapist everything you have been keeping inside for long. With Pluto retrograding for five months in Capricorn during this time, you will be able to see significant changes in relationships and within your social circle.



Hello hot Sagittarius! Although you are always hot, the cosmic occurrence during the end of March boosted you with confidence and which made you even sexier. The presence of Venus, the planet ruling love, money and beauty, in Pisces, will add on to your charisma during the beginning of the month. This will bring changes to your social life which includes meeting a new love interest or reigniting with your long term love partner. With communicating planet Mercury entering sexual Taurus, on April 10, get ready for major changes in your sex life.

It is important to be vocal about your fantasies to your partner, Sagittarius, and you deserve to enjoy them. However, while mentioning about it with your love interest, make sure to also let them know about your need for alone time and independence.

During the mid of the month,Mars will enter creative Pisces, this transit will light up your house of social status. You’re about to get busy, and surprisingly you are going to love it. Your professional reputation is about to grow. Do not forget that your ruling planet is the lucky Jupiter, so it is normal for good things to happen to you.

The powerful full moon enter Libra on April 16, bringing huge financial news for you. With the world’s economy bring a mess, don’t be disheartened if your income isn’t in huge numbers.

Taurus season begins on April 19, expect transformation, especially within your sex life. The fire from your first date still remains burning, enjoy as long as it lasts. Expect the time to bring you and your partner closer with proper conversations and love flame burning in your relationship.

During the end of the month, Pluto retrogrades on Capricorn for five months, helping you resolve your current state of affairs and make plans for the future. If you are tired of all the social events you have been attending, do not hesitate to take a break and relax. If your job is draining you out, then start looking for better opportunities. You deserve happiness, Sagittarius, also don’t forget dream archer– you are the only sign with a weapon.



Last month, your psychic subconscious had to partly awake. Don’t worry Capricorn, such days are about to get over. Not because you will lose your intuitive side, but because you will learn to find peace with it. You have been dealing with a lot lately, due to which your whole life feels like work right now. Thankfully with romantic planet Venus entering Pisces on April 5, you will feel a little relaxed. It will help you reconnect with friends and they will turn crucial to your support system. So, make sure to make time for them.

Chatty Mercury enters Taurus on April 10, helping you become vulnerable and able to share some deep thoughts. Sometimes people take your feelings for granted because you like to keep things personal. Repressing emotions can be unhealthy and can distant you from your loved ones. Therefore, try to commute at least with a close friend or with your partner. It won’t hurt to open up at times.

During the mid of the month, with Mars entering the house of Pisces, you will find yourself in arguments with a friend. If you don’t step up to clear out the air, the rift can later grow bigger. Due to the furious energy of the planet, you will experience drama. However, things can still be mend if you apologize and show more respect.

Later in days a bright full moon will shine on Libra, the effect it will have on you will be visible in your home and family sector. Bad vibes surrounding your home can lower you down as well. You need to remember Capricorn that a happy home is built with the efforts given by all, only one cannot make it happen. Therefore, ask yourself first if you are giving enough in your home and family life. If not, then now is the time to invest.

Taurus season begins on April 19, making you feel philosophical and interested in meaningful conversations. Don’t hold yourself now, go with the flow. Enjoy late-night conversations with friends; discuss the meaning of life or debate politics. Talk to your partner, they might have a lot to share.



Although it is not your season Aquarius, the month is filled with long pending birthday presents, both in your personal and professional life. At the end of the last month, your ruling planet Uranus, ended its retrograde offering you just another leadership role within your community. It could be enhancing your organizing efforts or simply covering up for a colleague who’s is sick. You’re the humanitarian of the zodiac, which means that you tend to think about the well being of the world more often than your own. So you are permitted to use the energy of the new moon in your sign during the beginning of the month. Use this energy to start planning your personal goals for the month ahead. The presence of a certain planetary body on your sign during these day, will put all sorts of commitments on your head. It doesn’t matter if you are single or doesn’t want to get married, the transit will make make things a little tough for you. Although this might sound cold, don’t worry, the commitment could be with anything; a lover, job, or friend. However, if you are unhappy in your long-term relationship, professional or personal, now is the time to get out, Aquarius. You can be avoidant and lead people on, but it’s time to grow out of those behaviours. With Mercury entering Taurus on April 10 tough conversations will become easier by then.

Despite your ‘I am too cool’ exterior, your gushy side will come out on during this transition period. This will also help you lower emotional walls and tell the people you love that you love them. Your poetic side might even love all the attention you get in return, water-bearer.

With Taurus season beginning on April 19, for the next few weeks, you will receive more praise at home and work. So remember to take some deep breaths, and accept the attention, Aquarius.



Sweet Pisces, the end of March brought you the opportunity to talk openly about money and expectations regarding your raise. This month, that abundance will keep on flowing at your sign, as Venus, the goddess of money, love and beauty, enters your sign on April 5. Keep your eyes open, you might be surprised to find unexpected opportunities coming your way, and you wouldn’t know which one will end up helping you big.

With the communicative Mars entering Taurus on April 10, you will find yourself having fun with friends. Being rich and not having anyone to take out for dinner, is something no one wants. So, it is okay to take a break from work and spend the weekend with friends and family. Go on picnics or go dancing, play games at home with your favourite people or do anything that brings you joy.

Fighter Mars joins Venus in your sign on April 14, Mars and Venus complement one another. The energy of the two planets makes a perfect match. If Mars is raw sexual aggression and professional power moves, Venus is sweet sex as an act of love and enjoying presents from lovers. As both of the planets enter your sign, expect fun on the weeks ahead including sex, fancy snacks and frivolous fashion.

A full moon will enter Libra on April 16, affecting your health. You might have to go through a lot of stress.

Taurus season begins on April 19, making room for improvement in your friendships. Having living in the hard times, you feel it deeply, sensitive Pisces. You are allowed to be happy despite the climate, so try not to give in to your sensitivity. When you make time for friends and family, you make the world a happier place.

During the end of the month, you will get positive attention at work, and you have earned it. You will receive recognition for the power of your mind and spirit.

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