Monthly Horoscope August 2022: Know what stars have in store for you

August, the eighth month of the year, was named in honor of Emperor Augustus years after Julius Ceaser made the Julian Calendar. While the Northern-Hemisphere experiences summer during August, the South has already started getting the chills. The equator and some parts of the tropical regions, however, are experiencing monsoon while waiting for winter.

Apart from changes in weather, the coming month will also observe changes in astral positions bringing appropriate changes in all zodiac signs. Read further to know what the stars have in the bucket for you this August.



This month, you might come across many instances that will leave you worried about various things. Sometimes, worrying is good, Aries, as it gives a clear vision of everything and helps you make positive and lasting lifestyle changes for the better. But remember not to stress out, instead think thoroughly before making a decision.

The planetary configuration taking place this August urges you to express your emotions, especially your fear.

Do not hold them in; the more you let them out, the less burdened you will be.

Some inner shifts are in process, and as a result of this change, you will adopt a new understanding and outlook on life. A lot has happened in the past weeks, and you are coming back to form now.

A new beginning will emerge this month, and you will make changes in either work, home, money, or health, impacting your daily life, for the better. Address your fears and you will witness development.


If you are planning a trip, expect delays. But don’t be disheartened, as whatever you have lost in the past, is likely to resurface again bringing you glory. So, don’t let setbacks in your vacation get you down, the issue will sort out soon. Stay positive.

Disappointments due to delays in plans are normal but it could also leave you feeling grumpy. Don’t get tangled in it, you can totally overcome the issue with a bit of extra effort. At the end, it will all be worth it.

The cosmic energy is on your favour, as it help you move ahead, getting where you want to be. It could be the result of a detour or something unexpected taking place in your life, moreover, enjoy the adventure.


Giving up is clearly not an option, Gemini, and the idea of giving up in a relationship doesn’t often crosses your mind.

A relationship (family, friend, or lover) will be tested this month, and some changes may be required, but love will rise again, better than ever, and a long-lost flame may rekindle. Therefore, do not give up.

The August planetary configuration indicates that you and the person with whom you have a bond will face a power imbalance or struggle. Allow your person some breathing room and space to be different, and accept that they are not the person you met.

If you can give them the gift of breathing fresh air and freedom, they will be even more ardent and committed to you. This will rekindle your original bond, and perhaps even a brighter version of it will emerge. Something more long-term.



If you want to get ahead in life, Cancer, now is the time to take the lead and see yourself as the leader of the pack. You have to be bold, confident, and pushy. Fake it till you make it, even if you’re not feeling like it.

The planetary alignment in August put you on a learning curve, which could be related to your job, home, or money. You’ll have lessons to learn and experiences to gain, and you’ll be excited to get started.

The stars also indicate that you will learn about overcoming obstacles, issues, and problems in these areas of your life and resolving them in the fastest way possible. Instead of always asking questions, answer them. Create solutions and ideas.

You must assume responsibilities in this situation, and the only way to do so is through practice. It will become perfect in time. This will be an exciting time in your life.


After all, Leo, this could be your month. The cosmic powers are on your side, and you can pursue your wildest dreams and play your chanciest hands and still come out on top!

Consider yourself Midas because everything you touch right now is turning to gold. You’re succeeding and winning, and you need to keep it up.

The stars tell you to be brave and believe in yourself to achieve more than you think you can. August will be a wild ride for you, and whatever changes you make will gain traction and have a ripple effect throughout your life.

Things will be surprising, fun, challenging, and crazy, and you will enjoy every minute of it.


The universe appears to be working in your best interest, Virgo. You have been given a cosmic pass to fulfil any of your heart’s desires in the month of August.

Now is the time to do something enjoyable in your life, such as life-affirming, pleasure-seeking activities that will assist you in weaving your life into something wonderful. After all, Virgo, you are wonderful and desired because you are loved, liked, and admired. Your reputation and the people around you are both wealthy.

You carefully consider what you want to bring into or attract into your life in order to increase your enjoyment. Be clear, mindful, and outspoken about your goal here, and then make a move to make it happen, and the Universe will take care of the rest.


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The month is very important for you, Libra, as you will experience development in personal life and matters close to your heart. Whatever issues you are dealing with will be resolved in the best way possible. At the end, it will vindicate you will be rewarded. Enjoy the time.

The universe asks you to build on this success and use what you have earned into making more of it.


Scorpio, it’s time to step up. You are fearless, and you have the potential to change the world, but you doubt yourself. Why?

August presents you with an opportunity. So go ahead and take the chance. Try to overcome your limitations and seize what is yours.

You are a worthy candidate for success because you have worked hard, proven yourself, and received recognition. You’re ready to take the next step, advance to the next level, and be rewarded even more.

But you still doubt yourself.

This habit of self-criticism is unnecessary. You’ll have to adjust to the idea of being more, stepping up, and assuming leadership responsibilities.

You were born to accomplish great things. This is your chance to shine. Don’t underestimate your capabilities. This is your chance to step out of your comfort zone and into the limelight


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Sagittarius, August will be like a bumpy bus ride. It will start out very unpleasant, but you eventually get used to it. Don’t be concerned if things start out a little shaky. This is just the beginning of a wonderful and rewarding change of circumstances.

Your stars indicate that you will begin to feel uneasy, and you should pay attention to where this feeling arises and analyze it as a signal for change.

Your stars indicate that you will begin to feel uneasy, and you should pay attention to where this discomfort arises and interpret it as a signal for change. Determine what you wish was different and then be that difference. Make a change. Make a choice. Make a move. Do it.

Don’t fight it. Recognize what is ready to be released and act on it.


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Capricorn, the planetary alignment for August indicates that you’ll have a good time. So, August appears to be a very fulfilling and rewarding month as long as you open up to new energy and people.

You should always be hungry. Always have a desire for more. Be open to (and even proactive in seeking) new opportunities in love, work, home, money, friendship, and personal growth. Sign up, apply, participate, ask, invite, introduce, and activate!

More is better!

August is also the month when your love and family life will blossom, possibly as a result of your enthusiasm and optimism for life. Spend time with family, and loved ones, and at home, getting back to basics and appreciating this wonderful life and the natural world.


Keep an eye out! Because opportunities will soon knock on your door. Aquarius, your career/financial situation is about to improve dramatically this August! Prepare to network and hustle, and you will be rewarded far beyond your expectations.
This month will bring you good fortune, success, prosperity, love, and joy. All you have to do is be brave and confident, lean into what you want, and manifest the power to achieve your dreams.

This, however, is only possible through other people, networking, and who you know as opposed to what you know. Connect, reconnect, stop by, say hello, sign up, and check-in. Turn the bag upside down to see what comes out.

If you continue on this path, you will find loads of wealth and rewards at the end of the road. Someone out there has an opportunity for you; you just need to find out who it is.


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You have got yourself into things that has taken a lot of your energy and time. Let bygones be bygones and come out of the situation as gracefully as you entered.

August seeks your complete honesty. Something is bothering you, and you need to tackle it and get the load off of you. Probably a lot of burden or demands have been placed on you, and it’s time to shake it off. You are a nice person, you always offer help, you don’t like saying no. But you need to care about yourself before you think of others.

The universe brings you the energy and charm to slide through at least a few of these duties, they don’t belong to you.

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