Monthly Horoscope April 2023: It’s time to move forward in life

A horoscope is all about future happenings and predictions. Our stars and ruling planets have a lot to say about how the forthcoming time will be

A horoscope is all about future happenings and predictions. Our stars and ruling planets have a lot to say about how the forthcoming time will be. So here goes the complete horoscope from Aries to Pisces for the month of April 2023. Know what the zodiacs have for you in the bucket.

April 2023 is all about moving forward in life. Your past mistakes may come to haunt you time and again, but this spring focus your energy on staying content to put up with these old memories. The only way to progress is by forgiving yourself and letting things go. Life has to be lived not to waste, and the month is a realization that change is needed.


This month, you are most likely to take risks on something that you feel is of worth, Aries. But the planets suggest that you are overthinking and there is something you aren’t aware of- something that can flatten your plans. At times, you may feel so confident that you will end up acting in a brazen way. You like to accomplish what is near impossible, but, you aren’t seeing the bigger picture, Aries. In short, this April you may take a risk that could completely backfire hard on you, so be careful with what you say, do, and propose.


Your perspective of seeing the world is different from others, Taurus, and this part of your will enhance this April. You are tired of the negativity, which is why this month you will boldly accept challenges that others fear to step into. With this, you are likely to become a beacon of positivity and hope. You have dealt enough with the patriarchy, now you will enjoy more in your private bubble. From the first day of the month, your mind is set on finding happiness within yourself instead of looking for it elsewhere.


April brings you the courage and confidence to keep on going, Gemini. There have been some hard times for you earlier when you weren’t sure if you would make it to the surface. However, April assures you that not only will you be successful in your endeavors related to communication and clarity, but you will also be making money all the while. Remember Gemini, the focus is the magic word, keep your eyes on the prize and do not deviate from the goal.


Dear Cancer, it is time you spend more time with yourself, and depart from the already cluttered lifestyle. If possible, take a break and go somewhere you find peace. Calling for a ‘time out’ doesn’t make you mean and even your friends and family will be respectful of your decision. You need time alone to regroup, set priorities and get your head on straight. Hence, April seems to be a good month for a mental health vacation.


It seems like this April you will be renewing your friendship, Leo. This could be with an old lover, or with an old friend with whom you both have finally decided to let bygones be bygones. The best way to make effort is by being honest with yourself and your friend. This includes asking yourself and your friend if this relationship is going to work or if are you just playing another game to convince yourself that you are loved. Stay true, Leo, true love shall follow. Let this month work for you, not against you.


Major changes await you in the month ahead. It’s time to grow up, Virgo. Just because you have yet not been held responsible for your childish ways, doesn’t mean you can keep lying to yourself. You’ve been lazy and stuck in the past month, but this month, you will come to realize that self-love and self-respect have been missing in your life. The minute you start feeling these things is when you will start respecting yourself more- your body, home, partner, and life.


April brings transparency for you Libra, you will be able to look at yourself very clearly and you will realize that you have been self-sabotaging yourself for the past years. Unconsciously, you have been doing so many things that end up hurting yourself only. It will be clear to you that you need to end your bad habits now in order to get a good life. You have also hurt people, said horrible things, and your lack of compassion has become immense for other people. April is the time of karma for you, it will teach you the hard way that your behaviour makes a difference. Don’t panic, what happens is for your own good, and going through the process will only benefit you.


Forget March and move forward in April, Scorpio. Meaning, whatever mistakes you’ve made in the last month may come back to haunt you but you need the coming month will allow you to move past it if only you let yourself. It won’t be easy though, considering you are likely to be deluded by your own errors and your disability to face facts. However, if you don’t let yourself breathe, you will definitely drown yourself deeper in this problem. It’s OK to be a fool every now and then, as it is a learning experience, but to choose to be a fool is to pay the price.


Last month, you probably lost a lot financially, Sagittarius, and this has disturbed your state of mind. Come out of it as quickly as possible. Remember, you did what you had. Yes, looking at an empty bank account is sad, but don’t lose hope, this is not your life. You will soon be able to recover the loss. Be thankful that it was just money that you lost, not love, life, kids, or creativity. Start bringing property consciousness back into your world, you know exactly what to do.


April is likely to bring you a lot of workloads, Capricorn, you do what you have to. Even though you complain a little, you are always ready for more work. This entire month you will spend time defining yourself over and over again. You like to say you need a vacation or time off, but the truth is, if you had time off, you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself.


April 2023 is in your favour, Aquarius, especially financially. Although you are not someone to treat others to dinners or even buy them gifts, you may be tempted to at least share some of your wealth with others. After a long time, you are finally about to stop feeling like someone is trying to steal from you. In short, you will be able to relax this month. You are very uptight about money and rarely do nice things for yourself. April changes that about you for the time being, and lets you spend to your heart’s content on yourself.


Spring is your month Pisces, the kind you like. Moderate climate, and colourful environment. A perfect time to slink into your spiritual side, and in a way, this will give you relief. Stop sharing your opinions or attitudes with others as you already know that you are considered the weirdo of your group, and so will others take you when you try to be wise. You have always taken things positively, and it is time to keep that continuing. April brings out your witchy side and you will feel more closer to nature this month than at any other time of the year. Hence, take advantage of the time, and remember that it is absolutely fine to keep your findings to yourself.

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