May 2022 Horoscope: Career, Love, Health, know your astrological predictions

May is the month of lovers, when flowers bloom and couples walk in parks with their hands entwined. The planetary alignment to take place this month will affect sectors like career, love, health, family relationships, etc in every Zodiac sign.

Read further to know the complete horoscope of signs from Aries to Pisces for the month of May, 2022. Know what the zodiacs have for you in the bucket.



Seems like Aries is somehow busy re-evaluating their relationships, it’s a good thing, it will help you grow wiser. You are making changes thoughtfully and rationally. Therefore, be assured that you are taking positive steps. Your energy will draw new people into your world. Meeting different people and showing your polite nature to them, can have a positive impact on you. As the wisdom grows, make sure to use it on right place.

Venus, the planet of love, will move into your sign on the May 2, which means despite everything else in a roller coaster, your love life will see inertia. Let your partner make plans, and you just enjoy the ride.

Your hardwork will pay off this month. Some rough situations are likely to come, however, stay motivated to go through the time. Try to stay away from controversies, and focus on your interests, mainly creative works that help you release pressure. Once this period is over, you will make good progress as it will help you work more efficiently into strengthening your position.


You are stuck in some point of life right now. Some changes are required but, you feel uninspired and unsure how to make that happen. The astral configuration suggests that in order to go forward, you need to go backwards. Look to your past for answer or inspiration.

Dreams, ambitions, love, relations, etc; Look at every field for an answer closer to what you are looking for. Only something from the past can help you out right now.

A lunar eclipse is set to take place on May 16, this declares end of an era with the relationship drama that has been on your head since November last year. Whatever you decide, just remember that you are not the only one responsible for all the work that is needed to be done. Allow others to show up for you.

The beginning of the month won’t function very smoothly for your routine activities. Be carefully, as luck may not be in your favour entirely. But, as time passes by, you will observe positive effects at your workplace. Managing complex tasks will lead you into learning many new things. Most probably from the mid of May, you will be able to manage the pressure situations due to your earlier experience.


Gemini is a sign best known for its creativity and innovation. You have a sharp, fast and clever mind, and you love to invent and innovate. And now is the time Gemini, to show your skills to the world. The month brings you intellect, insight, logic, creative spark, passion, and joy to whatever you put your mind into. You are going to love this phase and enjoy your creative side, which will later be very rewarding. So, this is a worthwhile investment of time, energy and passion.

Give wings to your imagination and let your thoughts flow. Give your 100 percent Gemini; this is the time to shine. The more you give, the more your life will change for good.

May is more about self love than it is about getting caught up in flings. For Gemini in relationships, the lunar eclipse in May 16 will bring up some heated issues between you and your partner regarding shared responsibilities. If you both could come up into a common ground regarding sharing your daily tasks, it will only bring you both closer.

You are likely to see improvement in your career; you just need to put a little more effort to improve your relations with seniors, this will help the growth reach to you faster. The stars have aligned into bringing you some obstacles in work life on some days. Don’t worry; the uncertainties will fade away gradually. Keep up the good work, Gemini.



You don’t easily forgive and forget, Cancer, you are more into taking revenge orelse would definitely make them see dirt who breaks your trust. The astral changes will also bring change in your relationship with someone you been in a negative position with.

Perhaps time has healed the wound now or could be that you have received some new information that has changed your mindset towards them. It could also be the result of you realising your feelings and what’s the right thing to do. Either way, the time has asked you to give this person a second chance. This bond can be renewed, in fact it can be stronger now than ever, because you both have a much deeper understanding of each other’s flaws.

The lunar eclipse to take place in Scorpio on May 16, will certainly bring a conclusion to an ongoing romantic affair. Whatever turn it takes, you will stick to your grounds where you wouldn’t give space to more questions.

Thoughts about future growth in career will keep your mind occupied. However, as time goes on, thoughts will start to entangle and bring you a clear point of view. You are likely to be placed comfortably in a new role or project. On the whole, you are likely to get more energetic at work inspite of being busy.



You feel a little lost and confused, and you don’t even have any idea. The lunar chart will provide a game-changing revelation in the coming time which will help you get to the bottom of your recent malaise. The root cause will become clear. You are confused because what was once very interesting for you has now become boring, predictable and constricting. You long to shake things up but have perhaps lost some confidence. Don’t worry, it will return.

You want to upgrade your life, but perhaps have lost some confident. Don’t worry it’s just a phase, and you will soon gain what you have lost. Start to look at yourself, and reunite with your strengths and talent. It will help you get out of the mess in your head.

Some changes are happening in your home and work life, putting your most important relationships into strain. The lunar eclipse taking place on May 16, especially, will put your relationship into test. All will bend and some will definitely break.



Expect the month to be blissful for you, Virgo. The sun will shine on you this month in a positive way, and it will bless your life with joy, success, and love. Keep faith in yourself and your desires. Be bold and confident and you will rewarded.

Start something new– a trip, hobby, role, course, project, or lifestyle regime. The astral position wants you to focus on self care and something that inspires your authentic self. It will bring you a lot of happiness and inspire you to bring changes in life, in all the areas.

The universe is asking you to be kind and patient, especially to kids, this will help you get back in touch with your inner child which will enhance your joy and wonder in life.

Jupiter is finally moving to Aries, after a long wait, on May 10. This will lead you into learning more about the power dynamics within relationships. Mars connects with Jupiter on the 29th of the month, bringing you the courage to take your relationship to its next phase.


Dear air sign, you are likely to experience some mental challenges this month. However, lucky for you as you like such thrilling adventures. You are getting in your own way of living, projecting you secret fears on others and excusing your lack of action and progress. The problem here is you and not others. You are the only person who can tackle with your problems and benefit from it. Do yourself a big favour and see it all for what it is.

This month is all about love and relationships for you, Libra. If you are committed, you can receive proposals, shifting to a new home together or attend functions with your partner. However, if you are single, you are likely to meet new people who are relationship worthy. After 29th of May, momentum is likely to build up and it can have you carried away.

The planetary alignments this month, are likely to bring you some good growth opportunities in professional life. Some days will even help you broaden your horizons and look forward to new projects. Look for a good time this month to carry out other tasks and communicate new ideas for growth. Making the best use of your skills and abilities will help you rise above in career.


Balance and moderation are very important for you to maintain this May, Scorpio. Therefore, make sure you are resting well and and revelling in equal measure, so that you are both challenged and supported. You need to feel that you are in harmony with your schedule so that you get time to listen to what your body needs. Both; your mind and body requires rest, in order to rejuvenate and come back with full strength. To restore fun, success, and prosperity in your life, you need to be your own boss.

You are likely to meet new people this May, and this might put your relationship in constant flux right now. You are letting your fears in relationship take a back seat, this will help you embrace your uncertainty. Towards the end of the month, Venus entering the house of your relationship, will close the month for you in a sweet, romantic, and supportive note.


Believe in yourself and stay courageous, Sagittarius, only your confident self can help you navigate through a tricky situation. The beginning of the month will have you pinned in a tough spot, forcing you into making big decisions. Be yourself, and do what you, naturally and authentically, want to do. Find opportunities to uplift your mood and find your freedom. Have faith, a breakthrough is very close.

Jupiter will enter into Aries on May 10, which will result in romantic indulgence for you. This will gain even more momentum when Mars enters Aries on May 24. If you are partnered, don’t be shy about seeking satisfaction.


The stars are indicating ‘Dreaming Holiday’ but, there’s a twist. It means, you’re ready to broaden your horizons, be that in terms of a holiday, trip, location change or move. With time, you will realize that life is short and the time to live is now. Moreover, the month is likely to make a dream of your come true, making a wish come to reality.

Stop thinking that you have enough time to do what you want. Time waits for none. Therefore, start living your best life now, because you are in such a good place to do it, even if you don’t think it.

The end of April, has already opened up a gate for your dating life, bringing you possibilities for new meeting as well as exes to resurface. After May 5, the connections made so far are yet to take an unexpected turn. Hence, stop worrying about anything and just go with the flow.


You have a certain way of how things around you should work. You have a lot of pride, are fiercely independent and create your own unique standards. However, you have so much on your plate right now that and you are trying to do all by yourself. It is dangerous for you as you will burnout a lot. Look around Aquarius, there are people poised and able to help. They are the ones who want you to be happy and rested and know they can really support you. It is not a burden for them, as they want to help you out.

Remember, time flies. This means if you are having a tough time, then the phase will pass and new beginnings will come. So, do not hesitate to do the right thing.

Once the Gemini season begins on May 20, there is a lot of potential for your dating life to blossom. The new moon in Gemini on the 30th of May is an extremely auspicious time for you to get back to dating or reuniting with an old love interest.


You feel stuck at something, and cannot find a way out. You need to just sit and rest back for a while, because this pause is necessary. Give yourself some time and spend time to think. Loss, grief, regret, sadness are on its way. You are probably grieving or dwelling on something from your past. You are finding it harder to move on as well. Don’t stress. Just sit with these emotions consciously for a while, and process how you feel.

Think about the root cause of these emotions and find solutions. Understand yourself. Take this time to take care of your emotional self. Soon enough, you will find a way to move on and feel inspired and motivated to move ahead in life. Do not forget to rest, okay?

The mercury transit on May 10, will allow you to discuss about some core issues in your relationship with your partner. If needed, stay up late and have many heart to heart conversations. However, if you are single then do not hesitate to go on a blind date or reconnect with someone from your hometown.

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