Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces: Check what changes to take place in life for all zodiac signs

This year’s Jupiter retrograde will take place on July 29 and it will enter the zodiac sign Pisces during this phase. The motion will carry on for four months before getting direct on November 24, 2022.

Although the retrograde will happen in Pisces, the effect of this phase will fall on every zodiac sign.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance, and prosperity. It prompts one to make changes in life. It’s time to look at the bigger picture and redefine objectives and desires. This phase could also resurface previously lost possibilities with more promise and potential.

Read further to know the impact this retrograde will have on each zodiac sign.


Your emotions are heightened and you have a bold approach toward others. It is advisable to not go overboard and handle things more patiently. It is time to make some major life changes. Your natural instinct is to be excessively competitive, even if it is with your old self. Take it easy, Aries, and save yourself from making rash decisions. Your fiery outer self could have negative effect on your positive approach. Hence, try to stay calm and let things come to you.


Evaluate your existing routine and see if they are helping you reach your goals or just letting you go through days. You have been highly stressed in the past few weeks, and now that the astral configuration provides you a break- use it well and heal. Great things are yet to come, consider the past setback as a roadblock preparing you to handle future events. Give some time to yourself and make new connections.


It is advisable to push your limits now. You have an open and flexible mindset and it will help you establish new habits and broaden your way to view the world. If you have any negative stereotypes, even if fostered unintentionally, it is time to reconsider them as they prevent you from chasing your goals. You need to redefine the boundaries you have set in your existing relationships. It will test your adaptability and it could leave you feeling unsettled for the time being. Slow down, take a breath, and think thoroughly.


Interact with people around you from a logical standpoint, and it will help you improve your relationship with them. Learn about the way they think and see the world, as well as their responses to the environment. Your intuition will strongly support you as you try to rebuild your connection, use it to your advantage.


You have set up boundaries to increase your enthusiasm, and it helps you achieve things in life. Something constantly keeps you from making friends or discovering new interests, try to identify the reason. You probably feel the need to impress everyone. Remember, you cannot make each and everyone happy and you shouldn’t even try. It is time to reconsider your own thought process.


In order to develop a better understanding of others, you need to relook at your critical attitude. Try to relax, Virgo, and let go of your rigorous planning for now. To be your best self, make a list of people and things that inspire and motivate you. Socialize more and make new friends. Take up new hobbies and don’t waste your energy on people and things that are not important.


You are driven to maintain order in life, even if it takes up all your energy and prevents you from progressing. It could leave you feeling pressurized to save your reputation and be friendly to others. You may need to sever ties with people who are stifling you, and you will realize your yearning for harmony. Evaluate your attachments with a critical viewpoint.


The time is perfect to focus on your creative side. If you are facing issues at the workplace, especially in your relationship with your superior, find out new ways to address them. Learn to trust others and with your work and do not hesitate to ask for help when you need it. Take advantage of your current energy and it will help you build your self-confidence.


One of your special powers is to be able to see a silver lining in any situation. Keeping a positive view of life will help you see a wide range of possibilities. Reconsider everywhere you put your effort, whether it is helping you improve or is just a waste of time. You need to figure out where your energy is being used and where it is being restored.


Stay honest with your communications, and focus on developing new skills. Now is a good time to research new educational options and set some challenging goals. Stop overanalyzing your decisions as it can keep you from discovering skills that could help you improve in your path. Connect with yourself and others on an emotional level.


You are currently feeling exhausted, and it could be the result of having to deal with unpleasant feelings of late. Expansion and introspection may seem like a burden rather than an exciting adventure. You are likely to be opportune to deepen your self-awareness. Withdraw from social events for the time being. At the same time, boldly face whatever internal contradictions come your way.


The four-month-long transit will be a positive journey for you, Pisces. The time will help you increase your confidence. It is also the best time to inspect your habit of spending too much and evaluate how you might improve in the future. Financial growth is on your way. Focus on your goals and find ways to achieve them.

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    Are these predictions based on sun signs (zodiac) or moon sign (rashi)?

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