June 2022 Monthly Horoscope: Know your astrological predictions for Career, Love and Health

June is here, and it is still summer in India. Named after Juno, the goddess of youth, June’s birth flower is the rose. Therefore, albeit the scorching heat, the month continues to blossom flowers as pretty as roses in everyone’s life. But, in tropical regions, monsoon also thrives by the end of the month, bringing some gloominess in the world. The planetary alignment to take place this month too will affect sectors like career, love, health, family relationships, etc in every Zodiac sign.

Read further to know the complete horoscope of signs from Aries to Pisces for the month of June, 2022. Know what the zodiacs have for you in the bucket.



Major changes have already began to happen in your life from the beginning of this year, Aries. However, it is only lately, that you have realised the importance of this transformation. You are both flexible and strong, it comes and goes in your life in a recurrent pattern. Remember your strength and weaknesses and know how to use them and when.

Let your emotions and mentality befriend with the change that you have undergone. So much has happened, some has even impacted upon your identity, outlook, and priorities. Let things settle down nicely.

Once things starts feeling normal, get back to your fabulous self and flaunt the new you. You are likely to become more adaptable of your new surrounds and situations and will be ready to tackle to everything that comes your way. Expect a powerful boost of ambition and energy ahead.


Communication is the key to a smooth sailing throughout the month, Taurus, use this tool very thoughtfully. If words can make things, then it can also break things. You are going to feel like you are stuck in a whirlwind of people, offers, information and invitations coming from all the sides. Don’t hesitate to have fun.

You are soon to experience romance this month– it could be the entry of a new sexy Water sign like Scorpio, Cancer, or Pisces, to your life. However, if you are committed then expect your partner to up the game for you, with grand gestures and entertainment. Cupid is on your side anyway.

You are likely to have a lot of options and ideas, this month, and you will feel much safe and secure before the next new moon. This phase will make you realise how important you are to other people and how much they mean to you. It is a good feeling, enjoy your time with the connections you have or will make.


When you focus on something, you’re capable of achieving it, Gemini. You are really smart and the upcoming month will help you realise that about you. You are likely to be more determined this June, in fields related to work, money and health.

The time will increase your level of commitment so, try not to waste it on things you are not sure of. It is better if you invest in reading, listening, writing, sketching, thinking, and memorising. Keep your mind open and senses active into these topics as you posses a deeper understanding of everything.

The upcoming planetary alignment will teach you how to be an even kinder, wiser, better person. Whatever you go through, remember that you are about to grow as a person as self-development takes place in your life. You will improve in terms of how you treat others and support them.

Let your mind lead, and everything else will follow.


You are about to get a breakthrough in a project, ambition or relationship you have been focused on for a very long time. This will have you feeling emotionally satisfying and bring about positive ripples for the coming months. What improves this June is here to stay.

June is all set to grant a wish of yours, something emotive, heartfelt, passionate, and true. So, be careful what you wish for. n being fulfilled, this wish is likely to brighten up your whole life. Possibly it could be related to your love life, or a relationship you want to heal or rekindle. It is something that you have heartily prayed for.

This breakthrough is only the beginning, Cancer, the positive change to come your way will keep on brightening your life forever. Be grateful for the wonderful gifts to come your way and make yourself comfortable accordingly.


Distracting yourself with something positive and productive is the fastest and best way to get over something depressing or painful. This way you will not only be healing yourself but also the people around you. By sharing your experience you will realise that you’re not alone in this.

The stars predict that you will be nursing a wound and finding ways to best heal it. However, you are now ready to try something new, and you actually feel like you need a change of scene, fresh faces and different vibes. You’re eager to feel optimistic and excited about something new, even if others think it’s silly.

The planets instruct you to join in with a good cause; a charity, a forum, or a campaign. This is a way to connect to your spiritual self and speak your heart and soul. This will thrive you into a better person and you will strongly love this side of yours. Share, Heal and Move on, Leo.


Virgo- There is an opportunity for promotion, therefore, expand your role this June. You will be rewarded more richly for doing more, take on new territories, seize a new opportunity.

Along with opportunities knocking at your door, stars also want you to be proactive and courageous as the time ahead will be a fast-moving opening.

The planetary alignment advises you to put yourself overtly in front of those with influence. People are noticing and liking your hard work and skills, and they are getting ready to offer you something better. Make it easy for them by being in their line of vision.

The time is right to show your strengths, and showcase what you can do. Probably create something new and amazing. Make sure you receive what you deserve.


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Being ruled by the planet Venus, you have an interesting love life. There is always something happening over there.

The month has passion running high on your romantic life, it can even make you question your current position. This could be because either you distracted, or attracted elsewhere, or because you are comparing your past with your present.

Past is irretrievable, so stop going back, Libra, it’s time to move forward. Stop comparing as there is no point in it. You will only end up overthinking and putting yourself in distress.

True love is on the table right now, if only you could recognise it. Realise it, prioritise it and nurture it. Come out of our imaginations and look at the real world.


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June is all about making progresses for you, Scoprio, mentally, professionaly, and in terms of negative habits or beliefs.

You are examining your own behaviours, values, self beliefs and ideas. Some work, some don’t. Some are outdated. Some are limiting.

Allow to let go of some of the things you don’t believe in amymore. There purpose is over, now is the time for a new one.

You are in the process of transformation are about to experience some natural changes in your perspective, sit back and enjoy the time. Create a new image of yourself.


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Stars indicate that albeit being a workaholic you will be spread thin as it will take you forever to complete a project. Try to hold less at a time and complete it before moving on to the next.

You need to de-clutter your space in order to breathe. You can’t give your best without feeling alive, so don’t be hard on yourself.

Not only work, but if needed, then cut ties with toxic friends, outdated obligations, and unhappy activities.

Don’t worry, you are about to feel more confident and empowered as you’re about take the control. Better things are on its way.


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You are probably divided between two decisions, one is the right thing to do, and another is what you truly want. You feel like being torn between the two choices.

Let the planets guide you, know that if you don’t to what you believe is right, then you won’t ever be satisfied with the outcome. Deep down, you know that you are making a selfish and compromised choice, you won’t be able to enjoy any of your gains if you don’t keep a strong moral compass.

So, do the right thing – it will work out way better in the long run.


If you are facing a conflict or regular ups and down in your relationship, it is a red flag alerting you to a relationship issue you can fix. Don’t keep on having this fight; Look deeper into the matter and find solution.

The issue is probably linked to your love life, or a very close friend or family member. You love this person a lot, and your emotions running this high proves so.

Remember that affection, passion and warmth- focus on the positives. Confront them about their thoughts and feelings. Find the root cause of the conflict and make changes accordingly. Do not forget to examine your own actions and correct your wrongs.

By digging deep, you will find solution to your problems.


You are born intuitive as well as emotional. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise logic and clarity to solve problems. This June you will grow as a person as you will look at things with a more practical vision instead of feelings.

The stars are helping you express difficult things, and make you more vocal of your pressed issues. Whether problems, obstacles or secrets, you will be able to speak out to people you feel comfortable with. You want resolution and progress. Be strong, Pisces, you are speaking out for all right reasons. Use your head over your heart.

The stronger you remain you can use all of your wonderful skills to commute in a more positive way. You will be rewarded at the end.

Patience, compassion and kindness are all shades of strength, and you have a broad spectrum of interpersonal skill and emotional intelligence.

Make things better by being the healer and the leader you can be.

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