How romantic is each zodiac sign; Aries, Pisces, Gemini and others, know your ranks

Romance is one of the most important deal in every relationship. Some people naturally know how to sweep the feet off of their partners, and some have to put in a lot of efforts for that. You or your partner could either be the candle light dinners kind or bringing flowers on visitation kind of people, either way romance is a form of showing love to the significant other, the gesture can be small or big, but appreciating the gestures is what matter the more.

Read further to know at what rating your’s or your partner’s zodiac sign stands. This could help you understand your special someone even more, or to decide more about the commitment you are in currently.


Aries are pretty spontaneous, impulsive and reckless in love. If needed, they will go an extra mile for their special someone. They are ready to show grand gestures from time to time if this means the world to their significant other, or if this is what’s needed to be done to keep the spark alive in their love life.


Taurus are very warm and all they want is to make their partner feel happy and comfortable. They are very emotional beings and takes their relationships very seriously. In order to maintain the spark in their relationship, Taurus will not hesitate to do more than just romantic gesture.


This confused sign is too busy thinking about what others think about them. Therefore, romance seems to be a little off from their social life. They are way to spontaneous to be tied down to one person anyway. However, when two minds set their focus on one person they will do anything for them. That is why, their private life is very much contradictory to their social life.


Cancer are the most caring and sensitive zodiac signs. They tend to focus on the emotional aspect of a relationship. They might not be into grand romantic gestures but if their partners are up for it then they will be pretty up for it.


Leos are not exactly the kind to fall in love that easily, but when they do, they love fiercely. They won’t hesitate to show the world how much their partner mean to them. If needed, they will go ahead to making great romantic gestures. However, they can come as a little arrogant even when they show love, that is why, they need a partner who would understand them instead of feeling their intentions to be negative.


Virgos love being the centre of attraction, that is why they are more into receiving than giving. They love romantic gestures shown to them, like receiving their favourite snacks or a surprise ticket to their favourite band’s concert. But when it comes to giving back the love, don’t expect anything big from them. The most they will do is compliment once in a while or take their partners out for a romantic dinner or spend time talking to them- occasionally.



When it comes to confessing their love, Libras don’t hesitate. In fact, they would love to shower love petals on their partner to make them feel that extra-special. A Libra’s charm is hard to ignore.



Scorpios have a mysterious personality from outside who seems to prefer their own company, but from inside they are very soft and wants to be with someone who can make them feel incredible. They desire for a romantic partner who would understand their passionate and extremely sensitive behavior. With the right person, they are the most romantic beings on the planet.


Sagittarius are pretty self-absorbed, even though they like romantic stuffs once in a while. They prefer to go out, have fun and dwell in adventures. But taking out time for relationship or making romantic gestures can be a little too hard for them. It’s not their cup of tea.


Capricorns are quite the cheesy ones. Despite their hectic schedules, they tend to make time for their partners. When it comes to love and romance, they are very old-school, but in a way that it earns them more respect and fiery time with their romantic partner.


Aquarius are the most anti-romantic signs. Unless romance means intellectually stimulating conversations, there isn’t much to expect from them in this matter. However, they sure are emotional beings and definitely devoted to their loved ones. But isn’t exactly a typical romantic.


Pisces might look very practical from the outside but they  dream of fairy tale love stories. They may have very high hopes for their relationship where they can enjoy romantic things with your special someone. Similarly, Pisces also dreams to be the dreamy partner like they want their partner to be. It is impossible not to get swoon over by a Pisces.

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  1. Nishani Pearson says

    Mmmmm I beg to differ for Virgos. Virgos are very romantic but it’s expressed in service related fashion. Virgos will learn your needs and take care of them so you don’t have to. Romance is big because it’s the thought or intention to create something for your partner. Not for superficial reasons.

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