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Horoscope today: 27 October, 2022, Know what your future holds

Find out the astrological prediction for Aries, Taurus, Libra, Virgo, Scorpio, and other zodiac signs for October 27.


You could feel a little isolated today, but philosophical enquiry helps you realise the deeper meaning of life. Don’t get too caught up with these things, and keep life practical. You can be excited about relationships but also obsessive. Try to maintain a level-headed view about things without getting carried away. You need to rid yourself of dogmatic viewpoints. They’re only going to cause problems between you and someone you genuinely like. Don’t let political differences get in the road of a good relationship, either.


Social life is favoured now, and you will opt to spend more time with friends rather than being alone. Tell yourself you deserve to enjoy yourself by having a good time. That’s okay as long as you don’t blow your budget. You’re starting to understand, however, that having money isn’t necessarily equate with happiness. If you are experiencing family problems being cool and evenhanded in your dealing with relatives will be a distinct asset. Try to take a sensible approach to health, as this will enhance your productivity.


You may be upset with yourself for having been premature in buying something. You’ve been impulsive and may not have read all the appropriate information first. Before getting all excited about some new piece of technology, why not check out the forums online? See what’s ‘wrong’ with the product to get the devil’s advocate view first. You may also have followed the lead of a friend and jumped on the bandwagon. That’s a fad mentality. If you have a warranty, it’s not too late to return the item.


You need to keep company with uplifting people and those who are better than yourself. Put aside your ego and let their expertise help you reach the next level. You can learn a lot from them. You could feel awkward if you need to exhibit bias towards one person or another in your workplace. It is only natural to express preferences, so don’t feel guilty. Love affairs may get bogged down in control issues, and poor communication is the source of this problem. Be as transparent as you expect others to be. Teaching an old dog new tricks won’t work. Allow people to do things in the way that works for them.


New financial responsibilities may come your way and require you to put out extra but may also boost your credit. First things first. Reassemble your financial plans and create additional debt. You need to look at your finances from a completely different perspective. It’s important to check twice before signing on the dotted line. It’ll be easy to get yourself in deeper than you’d like. Read the fine print. This period is positive for workplace relations and affords you relaxation at work.


You can share your concepts, put forward bold new plans and get the support you need from others. Execute your ideas with confidence. Don’t become too needy in your relationships. You’ll erode your power and ability to negotiate in your favour. A balance of giving and taking is necessary. Looking for a mentor is on your schedule. Don’t rush it if you can’t immediately find someone who’s genuine and able to meet your specific needs at this time. Buying and selling bring fortunate opportunities.


You may be out of sync with your friends now. Your energy levels may not be all that well aligned. You prefer a more intellectual and laid-back situation while they want to do something more daring and physical. This period will take some give-and-take, in other words, compromise. Regarding work, it’s set to take a dramatic shift in direction, ultimately lifting you into bigger and better circumstances. This is a good time to be daring by seeking out people who help you expand newly found belief systems.


Emotional blackmail is something you won’t tolerate at this time, but unfortunately, you may have to deal with it. They may or may not be someone you’re in a romantic relationship with, but in any case, overstepping the bounds of fair play and relationship will result in your swift rebuttal. If contemplating it, you should use caution when travelling, slow down around curves, watch your rear in an upcoming trip or journey, and be prepared for unforeseen obstacles like a roadblock or re-routing of traffic.


Quick wit is what’s needed now. It may also get you into trouble. It would be best if you didn’t outshine others by being too ‘right’. That could lead to resentment even if you have the right answers. Pace yourself, and work to your schedule. Socially you’re in a brilliant cycle and will forge new professional contacts. You find yourself in the company of interesting people over the next few days. Take a greater interest in a variety of contemporary social or political topics.


It’s hard dealing with the hierarchy of life, but you realise that these structures are there for a reason. It would be best if you asserted yourself to climb the pyramid of life. Your reactionary approach is doomed if you’re trying to maintain yourself today. Working with a group, rather than standing apart as an individual, is necessary. Reset boundaries in relationships, otherwise, you may have to suffer the consequences. Ask the hard questions today. People will be surprised by your courage and leadership skills.


You’ll enjoy doing a backflip, especially if it’s in retaliation to someone who has let you down recently. Be careful, though, or it could turn into a vicious cycle. You’re expecting something big at work, but you may need to maintain a low profile and not overspend before you get that pay rise. Work on understanding your feelings. Progress is evident right now, and you’ll gain some recognition for the work that you are doing the tremendous success in attaining a higher level of clarity within yourself. You feel emotionally stretched in your career. Finding new ways of making your work more creative would be best.


Revamping your persona may start to border on obsessive compulsion. Try to enjoy being who you are. You can still change facets of your personality without being fake. Perhaps it’s time to put together your memoirs and write a book. You could at least jot down your experiences and try to connect the dots in that way. This can help you gain an objective view of your life and where you would prefer to be.

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