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Horoscope for September 28, 2022: Gemini, Leo Check Your Predictions


Let us know our horoscope predictions to know what the stars have in store for us. Find out the astrological prediction for Aries, Taurus, Libra, Virgo, Scorpio, and other zodiac signs for September 28.

This is your forecast for September 28.


Sooner or later, it would be best if you came to recognize your greatness. This has nothing to do with ego or proving you’re better than others. It means restoring your lost self-confidence. It’s about regaining a healthy self-image. Develop that trust required to move forward with renewed vigour. Although your vitality and personal impact on others are lower than usual, you start to draw more attention. Stop fearing special recognition or, rather, rejection. Opportunities require a more significant conscious effort on your part.


Today put extra energy into thinking about organizing your work and professional life. Decisions you make at this time will likely work out well, as you are transparent and objective. Gathering information regarding your career or long-range goals is also favoured. This isn’t an ordinary time, and you can feel jumpy or nervous. Maybe it’s just the world around you that is crazy and unpredictable. Try to stay centred so you avoid accidents and rash behaviour. You might find that this is a fascinating period after all.


You mustn’t go to extremes, either romantically or professionally. Allocate equal time for you as well as your friends. Your energy levels fluctuate between high and low. This may have to do with a lack of control over your emotions. You must be farsighted in your approach and find ways to create a new vision of yourself. You must also be more careful in choosing friends and places you hang out. Different environments have an impact on your thinking and well-being.


You’ve been pinning your hopes on finding happiness in your relationship. That can happen shortly, with greater social opportunities opening up for you in the next few months. You also have a big choice to make. Where will you invest most of your time and energy, work or romance’ At least for now, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Put one of these on the back burner for a while. In due course, you can have your cake with generous lashings of icing.


Your desire to help others might make you a ‘notorious transformer’. A sudden need to drop everything to help someone is likely now. This may involve dealing with some frustrating hullabaloo. Could this be a workplace crisis? Whoever approaches you for help may think so. You might reason otherwise. Reconciling these two differences of opinion will be a creative challenge. You’ll precariously balance your work demands with the emotional needs of co-workers today.


You’re emanating strong magnetic vibrations at this time. This you’ll attract many new opportunities. You must, however, sift the real from the fake. Your communications are great. You can resolve any confusions that arise. This starts a new cycle of understanding in your relationships. The admiration you desire is forthcoming and creates a perfect atmosphere for popularity. Don’t let it go to your head, though. Remembering is entirely your responsibility if you don’t feel as if you have adequate status in the world.


Re-route your attitude to more positive lifestyle choices. This takes a little objective analysis of yourself in how you deal with friends and family. Ease others into your ambitious vision gently, as they may not quite understand where you’re coming from. They may not have the same passion for what you do either. You have to be a wizard to spin a fresh new situation out of an old one. Laughter seems to be a way out of your concerns today, as your relationship needs delicate handling.


Someone you know is displaying a lack of emotional control regarding their habits. The communication style may also be somewhat offensive. You have to take an authoritative position. Set limits on their demands even if you risk disapproval. Sometimes, the hardest personal relationships are with the ones in which you don’t want to hurt them. This is primarily about your self-respect. As they say, you sometimes have to be cruel to be kind. This boils down to tough love.


It’s time for a second childhood. Enjoy the freedom to do what you want. There’s a quickening, a profound change in yourself. Bottom line: New choices and possibilities are available. It’s about ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’. Take a leaf out of someone else’s book. You are impressed by their attitude. It could be someone you meet or a friend you’ve been back in touch with. Don’t be afraid to emulate good behaviour for fear of being branded an imitator. Imitation is the highest form of flattery.


This transit stimulates personal growth, and you will expand and extend yourself in many ways. You may improve your appearance and learn to express yourself more confidently. An increase in self-confidence leads to success in personal matters and personal presentations. Your thinking becomes more optimistic, philosophical and spiritual. Taking on too many projects (excessive growth) could be a problem. You feel generous – and others make you the recipient of their generosity.


Your social life will be favourable at this time. You’ll search for deep and meaningful relationships and be willing to help and protect those you love. You also become sensitive and perceptive, making it easier to accommodate the needs of others. You’ll be interested in pursuing pleasures and amusements. If you are involved with someone, your relationship will be very pleasurable. You’ll probably have at least one exciting romantic adventure if you are not engaged in a relationship.


Take a calm, cautious approach to your current situation. You want to hasten some action, but that would be a mistake at this time. Therefore, you must take extra care if travelling and moving about. Deal with others fairly and squarely and be seen to be completely impartial. You’ll need to do a backflip on some decision you thought was fun. Don’t stick to your guns for fear of being embarrassed. You have the following information that’s turned the situation upside down.

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