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Horoscope for December 1, 2022: Increase in courage for Sagittarius


The day is good for merchants as you will see progress in business. You can earn good money by doing some new experiment in business and it will also improve your career. If you have some important work, then try to complete it in time. You seem to be getting success in any legal matter as well. Try to solve all the ongoing problems in your personal life otherwise it may create a rift in the relationship.


If you plan properly, you will be able to control your expenses to a great extent today, Taurus. If you are thinking of investing in any property, then make sure you check all its aspects, otherwise you may face problem in the future. Merchants who are worried about their business, due to the slowdown, sigh a breath of relief as things are about to improve today. You may get to meet a dear friend today, the one you have been missing for a long time.


If you are planning to do business today, avoid doing it in partnership, Gemini. Students will earn a name by performing well in education and you will be successful in various fields as well. Today you will show more interest in religious work and entertainment as well. You are probably feeling free to say your point of view to any of your seniors, but you do not have to do so, keep your words limited.


Do not ignore your health today, Cancer. It would be better to avoid any risky work for tomorrow. You will get the benefit from your decision making ability. Save yourself from making a mistake by taking a timely decision. If you make a list of your essential tasks, then you will be able to complete them in no time.


Married Leo, today will be a happy day for you. It could be because there could be progress in your spouse’s career. You will respect and honour all elders and handle some important tasks to a great extent. Small children in the family can make some requests from you. The feeling of stability will get strengthened.


The day is going to be important for you, Virgo. Avoid borrowing money from anyone today. Focus on your work for better result. Be careful while driving. You will give full importance to commercial relations today. You may receive a gift from a member of the family.


The day is going to be mixed kind for you, Libra. Maintain distance from unpleasant people, for your own betterment. You will meet some of your relatives, who will turn out to be beneficial for you.It will be better for you to not pay more attention to the work of others than of your own.


The day is going to be mixed one for you, Scorpio. You should avoid hastily settling the rift going on in the family otherwise there could be a problem. You can get a solution to any of your problems related to career from your brothers. You could get to hear some good news from the child’s side.


The day brings an increase in your courage. It will be beneficial for you if you speed up social work and maintain focus on your goal. You will pay full attention to some important projects. You can get to hear some good news from any of your friends. If your parents assign you any responsibility, you must complete it in time.


Today will bring favorable results for you. You will give full emphasis to your values ​​and traditions. You can participate in some auspicious event today, but if you share something, you have in mind, with any of your colleagues then later they can make fun of you. Be aware!


You will observe progress yourself today. You will maintain focus on your goal and you will earn accolades from your superiors for performing well in the workplace. Due to the arrival of a guest at your home, the busyness will remain and the expenses will also be high.


The day will bring you positive results, Pisces. Control your expenses to be benefited. You will create harmony in the family and if there is some problem going on regarding the work, then that too will improve today. If you stick to a budget, you will be able to save some money for the future.

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