Guru Purnima bestows good fortune to all these zodiac signs, find yours here

Guru Purnima has a great significance since ancient times. On this day, students or followers shower their adoration, meditation, and chant mantras to please their Gurus. Dakshina (donations/offerings) and baths have special significance on this day. Giving and receiving baths during the full moon is crucial.

The Asadha full moon is often referred to as Guru Purnima. Where the Guru will be today, Saturn has already positioned itself. Each sign’s position will have a particular effect during Guru Purnima, when all the zodiac signs are in their ideal positions.

Astrologers believe that if you act in accordance with your horoscope sign, you will be blessed by the Guru and your wishes will come true:

Aries: In accordance with the alignment of the planets today, Aries people should donate red clothing on Guru’s full moon day. This eradicates financial issues. There will be more obligations relating to the work. You can put more effort and receive help from friends.

Taurus: On this day, Taurus natives are encouraged to donate mishri (Rock Sugar). The people of Libra should also light a complete ‘ghee’ lamp in the temple on this day. It will make the mind joyful. The confidence level will rise. Having a family will be challenging. The expenses might increase.

Gemini: Gemini people should feed cows fresh grass on the full moon day. Additionally, it would be preferable to feed green mung bean grains.  This will  make married life happier. Family issues can arise.  Might have to travel long distances. The confidence level will rise.

Cancer: Those born under the sign of Cancer should give rice to those in need. This lessens stress in the mind. You could start to doubt yourself. Regarding certain things, confusion will be there in the mind. Anger can intensify. There may be conflicts with superiors while working.

Leo: Leos can gain respect today by donating some wheat. You’ll be able to afford a brand-new vehicle. Income will increase. The mind will be at ease. You  may also travel abroad.

Virgo: Virgo people should feed the Brahmins on Guru Purnima and provide as much Dakshina as they can. The emphasis will be on education. Guests can come to your house. Family relationships will improve.

Libra: Libras should feed kheer (Desert) to girls on this day, according to astrology. Fame and fortune will result from it.

Scorpio: On this day, those born under the sign of Scorpio should feed sugarcane and beans to monkeys. Donate needy students with books and textbooks as well.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius people are advised to offer beans to the temple on this day. It offers prosperity and joy.

Capricorn: On Guru Purnima, people of the Capricorn zodiac sign should distribute blankets. The issues with employment and business are resolved as an outcome.

Aquarius: Donate the elderly people of old age home clothing and food, and donate black moong dal. There will be mental disturbance. The income will rise. Should to be conscious of your health.

Pisces: On this day, Pisces people should donate gram flour and turmeric made sweets to the less fortunate. This satisfies all of your desires.



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