Astrological predictions for all zodiac sings for November 15, 2022

Aries, Scorpio, Gemini, Pisces, and others, here are your astrological predictions for November 15, 2022. Know what the stars have in the bucket for you.


Today, stars may progress in your work life. Time is favourable for travel. A project or important work that was on pause will get done today. The yellow and green colours are auspicious. Donate sesame seeds. Plant basil tree. Love life will be enjoyable.


There are signs of progress in politics due to the compatibility of Jupiter’s eleventh and third transit of the Moon. Avoid carelessness towards health. Blue and green colours will prove lucky for you today. You will be successful in education. Donate sesame seeds or plant a Peepal tree in the temple to attract luck.


Progress is possible in the career of Gemini students. Lord Mercury and the transit of the second moon on this zodiac can give benefits in banking jobs. Red and sky blue colours are auspicious. There is a possibility of money coming to you. Plant a banyan tree in a deserted place. Speak sweetly to your spouse.


Moon is very auspicious for this zodiac sign. Plant a Peepal tree on the premises of a Shiva temple. Happiness and progress may arise in business. Any big business plan will be fruitful. Orange and red colours are auspicious.


You are likely to get successful in business. You may feel motivated to start a new project. Today, you may plan to a piece of purchase land or a house. Orange and white colours are auspicious. Pay attention to health. Youngsters may remain a little worried about love life. Worship the sun.


The work that has been paused for a long time will see progress today. Saturn will now transit Capricorn and provide you benefits in business and job sectors. Sky blue and green colours are auspicious. Feed banana to cow to attract luck.


Today you may face a little stress in business. Control your food and drink intake. Venus’s presence in your house of love will have you witness the most romantic night. Transit of Moon and Jupiter will prove auspicious for the people associated with real estate and media. You could indulge in talks regarding buying a vehicle. Blue and orange colours are auspicious. Feed jaggery to the cow.


Today Mars and Saturn will help you become successful in a business project. You could be enthusiastic about the progress of your child in academics or sports, or some sort of unique talent they possess. Donate Moong dal to the poor. Purple and white colour are auspicious. Mother’s blessings will help you move ahead stronger and fruitfully.


Moon and Jupiter are in support of you today. Favourable second transit of Saturn will bring success in business. There are signs of stagnant money. Purple and sky colours are auspicious. Take blessings of an elder brother.


Moon’s and Saturn’s transit in your zodiac will prove auspicious in business. Saturn and Venus are the factors of politics. Hence, politicians will get successful. Get blessings of an elder brother. Mars can provide benefits to real estate businesses. Green and blue colours are auspicious.


Venus will bring success to those in banking and media jobs. Consider taking a religious journey. Venus will give an expansion to love. Those in politics will see success. Travel can be beneficial. Red and blue colours are auspicious. Donate sesame seeds to the poor.


The effect of the Moon, Sun and Jupiter in your zodiac sign will help you progress in your job life. Venus and Mercury transits can give benefits to the people of judicial, banking and IT jobs. Jupiter and Moon help you with financial development. Yellow and white colours are auspicious. Donate seven grains to a person, soil, or animal.

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