2023 Horoscope: Know your astrological predictions for the year

New year is around the corner, It's time to overview our future predictions for the coming year. Check out the detailed astro for 2023 here.



Fiery Aries, sorry to disappoint you but your new year won’t start with a bang as you expected. Your outgoing ruling planet Mars will be retrograding in the versatile air sign Gemini at the beginning of the year. It will give your personality a more easygoing and laid-back than usual.

Jupiter will rest in your sign for several months from January this year. It will challenge your competitive sign, hence, it’s time to expand your mind and go for the things you want. This special transit is all about truly believing in yourself and your capabilities to reach your goals.

The noble planet will once again be direct at your sign during the mid of May. Everything will move pretty fast during this transition, you need to balance the pace. Don’t panic, luck will be by your side.

During this period of time, don’t hold back when it comes to making important life decisions. Believe in yourself and take risks. You will feel good about doing so, especially during the new moon and solar eclipse. In late April, you may have to learn things the hard way as things won’t come easy. Don’t lose hope the coming days will bring good fortune.

While the first four months of 2023 will bring financial gain in exchange for physical pain, the rest of the year will encourage you to try new things in life. From starting yoga to marriage, there’s a lot that can come this year.

Although the year is financially good for you, do not make the mistake of looking for shortcuts to success. It will reduce your chances of long-term gains. Apart from that, married life will be good. There might be some issues at the beginning of the year, but after May the conditions will be even better. For those looking for a job, the time will favour you. Students of this zodiac sign, trying for a government job for years, will finally reap the fruits of their hard work between the months of April and November.

However, at the end of the year, Aries needs to be very careful about driving. You also need to take care of your health and keep consulting doctors from time to time.


The beginning of 2023 is going to be very auspicious for you, Pisces. Saturn and Jupiter will have a special effect on you this year. You may get transferred to the desired place, new employment opportunities may arise, etc. In a way, your career will get a boost.

Your ruling planet Venus will spend the first day of the year in your house, which symbolizes the start of a new adventure. You might not be aware of the journey right now, but don’t let it stop you from taking spontaneous steps. You will be surprised at where you reach.

Uranus will repeatedly visit your sign throughout the year, adding some spice to your life and bringing you some very interesting twists and turns. The presence of this planet in your first house of personal power will bring a lot of originality around you and encourage you to be more innovative in all aspects of your life.

2023 will be a happy time for married Taurus. You might also get engaged in religious works, but you will enjoy it. Be careful of your enemies this year, they may try to harm you. However, the mid of the year could be a little troublesome, especially in terms of love and relationship. Don’t worry things will turn out well and you will cherish a sweet time with your partner.

Jupiter will visit your first house around the mid of May and spin through the habitat till the end of the year. It will help you learn to take things lightly and enjoy a more humorous side of life. This transit will make you much more optimistic than usual and more concerned with the greater good than your own individual needs. If you manage to keep this mood constant, you are likely to attract some very positive things.

June onwards, beware of your enemies. They might try to sabotage your image and tarnish your work. You may also get additional responsibility at work. However, merchants may experience slow progress in the business.

Drive carefully and stay as calm when stress takes over. Expenses may increase even before the arrival of the festive season. But, don’t worry your financial condition will improve by the end of September.

If you think this period sounds tough then note that it was just a warm-up. The real challenge begins at the end of the year. At this time, you may be troubled by the disruption in your work.  Health could decline and a dispute at the office may take place.


The New Year will be a little beneficial for Gemini. You will get relaxation from Saturn’s shadow this 2023, bringing good fortune and relief from stress and anxiety. You seem to have suffered a lot for the last two years, now it’s time you find some solace in life.

Your ruling planet Mercury will retrograde later this year, but its early signs can be particularly difficult for you. There are four such points of times in 2023 when life will feel hard- mid of January, late April, late August, and mid of December. However, don’t lose hope. The hard times won’t stay around for long, so stay calm and focused on what you can control instead of the negativity that is trying to slow you down.

Saturn will travel through Aquarius from January to early March, helping you bring out your natural curiosity and encouraging you to look at the philosophical aspects of life. You believe in achieving your goals on the basis of morals and ethics, this is what will put you ahead of your competitors or gets you the fame, success, and power that you desire. Take advantage of this competitive time and put all your heart into what you want in life. Prepare a solid plan and stick to it, you will surely find success.

Jupiter will enter Aries on April 22, bringing new chances to increase financial profit. But the follow-up transit could restrict this happiness to only a point of time.

By the time your birth month arrives (May-June) you will be ready to celebrate in style as the Sun passes through your house of social activities. No matter how dull your last year was, by then you will be ready for a fresh start. Business-related journeys may take place during this time of the year, and the transit of Venus, Sun, and Mars in your sign will also affect the house of wealth. The presence of Jupiter will also influence your spirit, bringing happiness and peace to your family as well as progress in your work. However, be careful with the choice of your words, the bitterness in your speech can spoil any work done resulting in some money-related problems. Mainly loss in business can be seen.

At the end of August, people of Gemini associated with the restaurant business, construction, defense, or engineering will experience a rise in their respect in society. You will also get the cooperation of colleagues at the workplace.

Meanwhile, October will bring a big change in your life. The time will be auspicious for you. However, in November, as Mars and Sun will move to Scorpio, tremendous success will come to you (Especially to those associated with politics). Apart from this, if you have been thinking of buying your own house for a long time now, there is a possibility of the dream getting true. The presence of Saturn at your tenth house is also expected to help you secretly from the negative effects of Mars. Religious or spiritual travels could happen this time.

Sun and Mercury will influence your life at the end of the year. It will boost your strength and courage. Venus will transit in the fifth house of Libra, bringing you good times- happiness and marriage opportunities may arise.


The deep-feeling, intuitive, sensitive soul, Cancer, is ruled by the emotional moon. As a result, their mood always swings. This New Year, pay a conscious effort to pay attention to the moon’s rhythm. It will help you understand yourself in a much deeper aspect.

While the first three months of 2023 will go smoothly for you, changes will be visible from April onwards. In the mid of the fourth month, a new moon and a solar eclipse are about to take place. This will affect your house of career and help you step up on your game and grab your desired projects.

In early May, the occurrence of a full moon along with a lunar eclipse in your house of pleasure can send you on a quest of things that feel good; including, creativity and drama.

A new moon and a solar eclipse will once again strike in the mid of October, affecting your home environment, seeking comfort and security where you live. Your urge to improve your home life will be satisfied by redecorating the house or by having a baby. However, by the end of the month, the second full moon and lunar eclipse of the year will revolve around your social status affecting your future as well. So, be careful of what you put out to the world during this world as it could be taken the wrong way.

Due to your association with the moon, the above-mentioned four dates are the most important in your sign this year. There is one more period of time that adds to the list- your birthday month. Look forward to the celebration; it is the perfect time to take control of your own party. Whether you want to lay low and spend the day with just close friends and family members, or have a blast and invite everyone to a grand function, do as you wish. Have it as you like it because you deserve it.

Apart from the mentioned special dates, the transits to occur throughout the year will be a roller coaster ride. From May 10, Mars will transit in Cancer, bringing you danger from seasonal diseases- take precautions and protect yourself from them. Meanwhile, Saturn and Mars will keep two house distances from each other, creating an inauspicious period for you. Drive safe during this time, there is the probability of accidents. Court cases may also be held against you.

In June, mental tension may hold you on its cusp but don’t worry the gloomy clouds will soon disappear. A few days into the month and a transit of Mercury will take place, bringing you peace in financial matters. You will also get the support of your friends this month, and students of the sign will find success in competitive exams. The transit of Venus on the first week of August will help you complete your work efficiently and ahead of time. You will earn sweetness in speech and a gain in wealth is also visible.

During the last two months of the year, Venus will transit in its debilitated sign Virgo, bringing you some trouble. During this time, most females of this zodiac are likely to suffer in every aspect of life. You may lose money or the health of your spouse may deteriorate. Don’t stress too much, the agony is only temporary. By the end of the year, Sun and Mars will cross paths to bring you some good news, especially from the children’s side. There are chances of an increase in wealth and acquisition of property. Some auspicious work may also take place at home.


Hello spicy Leo, ruled by the fiery Sun there is no doubt that you love the spotlight. The cosmic energy is lighting up your zone this year and you will be more proud of yourself than you are. Your ability to pay attention to little details will bring positive attention your way. Your organizational skills will improve, not only at home but also in your schedule. It will help you sail smooth in life.

Saturn will visit your house of partnership during the beginning of the year, bringing you both challenges and opportunities for growth. Your bond with your significant other will be tested, focusing on your insecurities about yourself, the other person, and the relationship. However, in early March, the hardworking and serious Saturn will shift into your regeneration zone, indicating the arrival of a transformation or breakthrough in your life. Personal and deeply intimate difficulties may arise. Focus on important stuffs, or else, you may find yourself getting stuck in shallow and trivial things.

The transition of Venus in your tenth house of will bring you benefits in April. You will get good profits in future. If you have been planning to buy a vehicle, the time will allow you to fulfill your dreams. On the 22nd of this month, Jupiter and Mercury will be in Aries, strengthening your luck and helping you attain power. Stalled works will start getting completed, and you will get benefits in your journeys. Take care of your father’s health, he needs your attention.

The transit of debilitated Mars in the month of May can bring health related issues, take care Leo. Especially don’t ignore your heart. At this time, the planets are not in a harmony and can bring you injury. So, do not do anything wrong out of extreme enthusiasm. Sun and Venus will soon come by to your rescue, and bring you financial profit. You will also be able to cooperate with your female friends in a better level than before. For people associated with business, the time will be favourable for foreign investments.

Your favourite time of the year, late July to late August, will come with good wishes, as it is your birthday month. You will be in a party mood this time, and your outgoing, playful will make everyone around you smile. You will be in full charm this month. Getting to express who you truly are and having friends, and loved ones accepting you and celebrating you for it, makes you happy.

Leo associated with business are likely to get good opportunities for profit in September. Teachers of Leo sign may get a big job offer. People working in media houses, or writing sectors are going to gain fame at this time. Married life however, could get a little disturbed due to the current planetary transition. Your spiritual energy will increase during month. The transit of the Sun and Mars, in your house of wealth is going to be very auspicious for the people handling family businesses. Some works organized at home could bring you good fortune as well. Good news can for those trying to conceive.

After November 3, the conjunction of Venus at your sign will make you lose money. There will be difficulty in accumulating wealth and if you are a wife, you are likely to suffer a lot financially. Don’t worry, your condition will get better with by the middle of the month. Your mental health will strengthen this month as Mars and Mercury are in the center. Meanwhile, the presence of Saturn in your seventh house is indicating towards a family trip. By the end of the year, the transit of the planets is going to be favourable for you. Venus will move to its original triangle sign Libra, bringing sweetness in your speech. You are likely to get many opportunities to travel this month as well.


Earth sign Virgo, ruled by Mercury, are very proud of their logical, precise perspective on life. With things becoming more unpredictable day by day, you may think you have to adapt new techniques to deal with the chaos. But, as your ruler Mercury will go through four retrograde periods this year, you actually don’t need to change your way of thinking in order to blend in. It is because as all the retrograde cycles will take place when the leading planet will be grounded on the earth sign, you will have a calm demeanor while dealing with any negative effects.

During the beginning of the year, Saturn will be feeling rebellious during its placement in the air sign Aquarius and in your house of routine. This transition will highlight your attention to details and bring out your ability to work hard in order to complete personal or professional tasks, assignments and projects. You are satisfied with delayed rewards, which is why your hard work doesn’t depend on immediate gratification. Sooner or later, the sense of accomplishment and pride that you receive in your work is enough for you right now.

The New Year will bring you a strong luck, due to which you will be able to accomplish a lot. Jupiter will transit in your seventh house of love and relationship, making your bond stronger with your significant other. It will also bring you good news, and marital tension will reduce. Later, in April, Jupiter will visit your eighth house bringing you strong religious beliefs. However, physical and mental health issues may arise, do not neglect your body.

By the end of October, the shadow planet is likely to hover over your seventh house while Jupiter stays in your eighth house. This will bring spiritual progress in you. A big change waits for Virgo this year. One will be when Jupiter transit at your house in April, bringing changes in various situations. The other one is when Saturn will grace your sign with a reduction in challenges of life during the second half of 2023. There will also be a difference in your lifestyle.

With the changes occurring at your life this year, you will become more helpful than usual. However, health issues will cloud you from time and again. For people associated with business, the month of February will prove to be lucky for you as you will observe progress in business. Apart from that, concentration in education will increase, and love life or married life will improve, and you will be able to pay attention on your children. You will not only be keen to progress in all three areas but also you will find better job opportunities during this period.

There will be ups and downs between April and June. Health problems may bother you, business may decline, and problems in marital life may increase and decrease time and again. Remember, the only way you can benefit is through communication, so talk properly to people you deal with or do not hesitate to ask for help from a friends or family member when needed. Mental stress could increase and conflict with in-laws may arise, so be patient. Be careful while trading on share market during this period of time, don’t worry good times are coming soon, you can invest then. Meantime, if you and your spouse have been trying to conceive, now the time is in your favour.

Don’t be disheartened with all the bad things happening during the first half of the year, all your hard work won’t be wasted and you will definitely get the results. The beginning of the year may be difficult but the end of the year will bring happiness to your life all over again. In November and December, you will get many opportunities to travel. You will get to spend time with friends and this will bring back some good old memories. Your communication skills will improve, greatly benefiting your career. Apart from the professional life, your personal life will also get better. Your bonding with your parents will become strong and you will get complete support from your siblings.


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Beauty and peace lover Libra, 2023 will bring you the harmony you have always desired. During the beginning of the year, your home planet Venus, ruler of love and money, will start spending time with unique Aquarius and your house of creativity and spontaneity. This transition will make you realize what makes you truly special. Finding out more about yourself contributes to your personal equilibrium. The hardworking Saturn will also be in Aquarius and your creativity house at the start of the year, helping you come up with new and imaginative ideas. This will further help you with both your career and personal life. It is time to evaluate your individual talents and use them to find success as well as to contribute it to a greater good.

In March, the transit of March, the lord of the house of wealth, will be in your house of fortune. This alignment will help you in accumulate health. The transit of Venus in your seventh house this month will bring new enthusiasm in married life. However, you will have to take care of your health as the shadow of Saturn will fall on your seventh house, bringing you medical issues. Conjunction of Sun and Jupiter in the sixth house can give you success in government job. Also, you will receive cooperation from you superiors at work place during this time.

The cosmic positioning in April will bring big changes in life, and shadow of planets on the exalted Sun can cause differences with spouse/lover. The health of your father could be a matter of concern at this time, and couples can become the victims of misunderstandings. The presence of Venus in your eighth house during this month indicates a secret help from a female friend. At the end of the month, the transit of Jupiter will take place in your seventh house strengthening your personality through communication.

The month of May will bring you fortune as your ruling planet will sit on your house of luck. This indicates completion of stalled works with the help of a female senior. During this time, with the grace of Saturn and Venus, travel will prove to be beneficial. Your siblings will support you and some auspicious work could take place in the family. Mars will boost your energy at work this month, but try to avoid excessive enthusiasm. However, in June, you are going to get good results in your career.

As July hits, your health may deteriorate a little, take care of yourself. Work life will be balanced though and you will also be lucky in love. People associated with vehicle business will see a good profit. Last but not the least, you are likely to sign a new contract or make an investment with the help of a friend. Don’t worry, the time is good, go for it.

The blissful time will go on for till the end of the year. In October, when big life changes will strike your sign. Your wishes will be fulfilled, new job opportunities may arise, and your stuck works will gain momentum. Newly married couples can go ahead with their children planning. Meanwhile, in November, you will have to control your expenses or else, you will dig a hole in your own pocket. It is because, this month, the conjunction of Sun, Mars and Mercury in your house of wealth can trouble you with savings. If not anything, family’s medical expenses may surround you.

November may also bring differences between you and your spouse, resulting into a serious fight. Libra doing business will need to be extra careful with money transactions. As the year comes to an end, your ruling lord Venus will bless you once again. In December, your love life will be wonderful, and if you are single- you may also receive love proposals. Married Libra might want to spend more time with their spouse, hence, you would decide on an outing. The month will also strengthen the relationship between fathers and sons.


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Dear Scorpio, in 2023, your confidence and mysterious allure will attract people towards you. Although there will be times when when you will feel like being social, you will spend most of your year alone, contemplating the deep recesses of your mind where only limited people are allowed dare to go. Your co-leader, powerful Mars, will start the year in your house of rebirth and regeneration and stay there until late March. The transition will deeply reflect on you as your ego will drive you now to address what’s in your subconscious. However, you can take advantage of it and make a much needed personality transition.

Pluto is another major planetary influence on you this year, and as it will spend the first three months traveling through Capricorn and your third house of communication, you will have a shrewd and powerful mind that has the capability to leave a mark on others. Due to your optimistic attitude, you will be able to see the future more clearly and set new goals accordingly.

Jupiter’s transit in Aries on April will be a turning point for you. And as Saturn will also assist the planet for growth and fortune, you can expect to get a good job. You may also start seeing life from a different perspective- in a more philosophical way. Things will become favourable for you at workplaces, and people who are waiting to go abroad for higher education are likely to find success. However, health can be a matter of concern, so take good care of yourself.

Your stalled works will get momentum in May. But, the transit of Mars may bring trouble. At this time, serve your father and teachers as much as possible, there blessings will bring good luck. The conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter in your sixth house indicates a big investment. Those planning for a startup or foreign funding will get success. Once June is here, you will feel relaxed  as you will finally be able to find time for family and yourself from your busy schedule. You will spend a good time with your spouse, you may also opt for an outing with your partner and children. The lord Sun will transit in your eighth house in the middle of the month, due to which you may feel some difficulty at the workplace.

Conjunction of debilitated Venus with Mars to take place by the end of June indicates unfolding of love. Your sexual desire will increase, but remember coercion with someone will prove to be very harmful for you in the future. Especially female natives of Scorpio are advised to avoid attraction towards the opposite sex. Wait a few days, July comes with good news regarding your career. At this time, the conjunction of Mars and Venus will not only bring progress, but also give you new responsibilities. By August however, you learn to make good efforts in order to increase wealth. Meanwhile, the Sun sitting in your tenth house will bring fame, happiness, and prosperity from all sides.

Happy birthday Scorpio! October is here. From late October to late November, the Sun will travel with your strong and determined sign, giving you the chance to really show you who you are and what brings you here. Well, somewhat you already know! The time is absolutely right to take a deep dive and into researching the unknown, spending quiet time alone, and donning on the black boots and leather jacket you always desire. Do what you wish; if you want to spend your special day with just your close circle, listen to your favourite playlist while you ponder the great mysteries of the Universe, then do it.

The end of the year will bring you good results related to money. Sitting in the house of wealth, Sun will give you benefits from ancestral property. Meanwhile, Mercury will increase courage and work, bringing fame to people associated with writing, media, and communication.


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Your outgoing and adventurous personality will be influenced by luck in 2023. You will be able to turn away from things you usually distract yourself with and gain some valuable knowledge. Meditating and developing your intuition to new levels is what this deeply introverted and spiritual union is about. Late summers will be giving you excellent opportunity to review and assess your goals and ideals. Changing directions won’t be easy during this period, but your time will come. Try to focus on opportunities to increase your abundance while being thankful for what you already have.

In late November and late December, you will feel encouraged to  expand your horizons through exciting world adventures. This is your year to plan a birthday trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go—and invite a dozen of your closest friends! Life is what you make it, Sagittarius. So, why not spend the end of 2023 with the best time ever.

Dear committed Sagittarius, it is a no-brainer that you are obsessed with your partner. But at the same time, you are so occupied with your busy schedule that you feel bad for not giving them the time they deserve. However, as 2023 begins, it will get you more focused on love. This could also mean career troubles. Try your best to balance between the both. Another beneficial time for your relationship is from the end of September until late October. You both being a little aggressive during this time, makes it a perfect time to solve problems with anger or arguments. You really can both get what you want as long as you’re willing to compromise.

Singles! your mood isn’t that romantic during the beginning of the year. But if you pay attention to details there are still some major takeouts from this period of time. Things from your past may come back to teach you more important lessons. Before the end of 2022 itself, you will acknowledge your high expectations in relationship goals. And feel blessed about the fact that it is not being met or aren’t living up to what you expected your love life to be right now. During the summers, however, the heat will also warm up your love life and some sparks will be ready to fly. You will be quite competitive during this time, and won’t be afraid to make a move on someone you know is “taken.” Although you mean no harm, your aggressive attitude will be a turnoff for someone. The way you see it, if someone can’t handle your potential of holding on to the heat then they don’t deserve you.

2023 will bring you opportunity to change things in your work life if you are not satisfied with your current job. This will be the time to find new things without worrying about monetary rewards. You might even feel like joining some non-profit organization or do some humanitarian work. This might cut into your earnings but make you happier overall. The whole year, the planetary configuration will encourage you to take some very calculative risks. There will be inevitable financial shake-ups, stay in the lower-risk market position to manage them the best way possible.

In the mid of May, you will light up with ideas and have your leadership quality enhanced. This phase if used properly can change your life in surprising ways. Also, look out for a Venus-Jupiter trine in the middle of November that can lead to good investments that increase your wealth.


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Capricorn, the beginning of the year will be harmonious. This will be the perfect time to connect with others even though they have different visions and opinions. Even the time brings people together, soon you will feel the need to get rid of the connections that no longer serve a purpose. New relationships will start during this transition period and it will rely on solid foundation of friendship and respect and it may or may not turn into romance.

Between the beginning of June and the end of October, you need to be careful as Saturn retrogrades. This free thinking cycle will give you the chance to slow down and balance the energies in various parts of your life. This is the great to look after your health; meditate or maybe book an appointment with a therapist. Near the end of December, your birthday month, is a great time to schedule a little downtime to really celebrate your solar return. As it fall around the same time as the festive season, you should be able to take some vacation time and recharge your energy.

Let’s talk about your love life now; 2023 is a great year for you to work on strengthening your relationship, Capricorn. The air this year is great for your love life as it will bring you both together as a team by uniting and blending each of your own unique talents. Because you most likely started your romance as a platonic friendship, you’ve built your relationship on a very solid foundation, which can take you through any difficult, stressful times your partnership encounters in 2023. At the end of March, the Venus-Saturn conjunction could test your relationship with emotional or physical distance. None-the-less your relationship will only experience a stronger bond after the phase is over.

Capricorns are not in the list of romantic zodiac, but from mid-July to mid-August you will become a lot more nurturing, domestic, and relationship focused. You will give and receive affections more easily during this time, both in emotional and physical level. Spend time with your partner during this time, and use the time to its fullest in making great memories and building stronger bond.

The new moon in the end of April will create a time for new beginnings for you and also affect matters related to your self-worth. This will be an excellent time to slow down and be patient when it comes to starting new relationships. If things haven’t worked out in the past due to your insecurities or money issues, making changes in these areas can be quite effective. Long term-changes are being written in your luck, so do not expect fast answers. This new moon is phase is an excellent time to cherish the new way you learnt to value yourself. Increasing your view of your own value will help you add value to your next relationship when the time is right.

The very next month you will become more ready for some hot action. The energy this time could be a little selfish as you will put your needs first. You will be quite competitive then; your aggression could end up transferring wrong impression. Although, you will be focusing on what you want, in heart you are actually very down to earth, which is quite opposite to how the aggressive phase make you appear. Keep this in mind if you’re left wondering why a first date didn’t get back to you like they said they would.

Lastly, money and career horoscope:

The planets this year aren’t in support of you controlling your career, but it does offer you a whole lot more freedom to explore innovative and experimental thoughts and ideas related to your career. Rely on friends and business associates; they can help you land in some really great career opportunities in 2023. In January itself, the stars will guide you to increase your earning potential. If you’ve been working hard, you will be rewarded. If you haven’t, this will be your wake-up call to get started!

However, if you are looking for jobs, then a lot of opportunities are likely to cross your path this year. Let potential employers know that you are ready to work long hours and make your job the top priority in your life. This will give you a huge advantage over your competition. You know you can back up your words with action, so don’t be shy about asking for what you’re worth. If you aren’t offered a comprehensive salary package, go somewhere that will value you.


From the end of January to the end of February, the sun highlights your first house of self. It means just like every year, you will be celebrating your birthday with a bang. Plan your day as unique as you are, and get as weird as you can. Make sure the festivities includes a lot of silliness and socialization. No one’s gonna stop you. However, the worst thing you can do to yourself is celebrate alone.

Saturn is here to teach you some valuable lessons between Jan and March, so let your curiosity fly high and learn about the unknowns of life. This can be a significant period of both growth and hardship, and it calls on you to get rid of any prejudices or biases that are holding you back. If you want to get the full positive aspect of the current transit, then your typical rebellious nature will have to fade into the background as you become a part of a group that can make a difference.

An important transit is going to take place at the end of April, bringing many important changes in life. In this month, Jupiter will move from your house of wealth to your house of might. This will bring happiness in married life. Meanwhile, those who are looking to get married, will get good news. This transit will also bring Venus in center, making you spend money on comfort for family. If you are planning on starting something new, mother may come to rescue with finances and other amenities.

In May, Sun will affect your fourth and tenth house, due to which your efforts will be appreciated at workplace. On the other hand, the transit of Mars will increase secret enemies for you. Be careful about your health this June, you may face seasonal illness. Heart patients are advised to do regular check ups. At this time, the conjunction of Mars and Venus in your sixth house will make you fall in love, probably with a colleague.

The transit of Mars in your eighth house in the month of July will bring you some difficulties in married life. Shadow of planets may fall on your destiny stripping out support from you. So, if you are thinking of working in partnership, the time is inappropriate. August on the other hand, will create worries about your parents health. However, people associated with media and writing profession will gain fame.

In September, you will feel attracted towards someone in your mind. This time, it is possible that you may feel love for a friend and propose them. By the mid of this month, the Sun and Mars will combine at your eighth house bringing you a little pain. It is advisable to not do any kind of transaction this month. In October, these shadow planets will transit in Pisces, bringing you relief. Although there still will be difficulty accumulating wealth, you can still save some money by controlling unnecessary expenses. There will be progress in your job but you will also gain enemies.

In the month of November, people pf Aquarius will be the ones to earn profit from the journeys. You can also be asked to lead a big project in which you will be completely successful. The year end will bring you luck as Venus will enter Libra. This transit will bring you advantage from women in the family and if you plan to buy a vehicle, the time will be in your favour. Sun’s transit will also bring good profit in business.


You are the most optimistic of all zodiac, Pisces, which is why you prefer living in your little dream. And with Neptune continuing to influence your idealistic sign, your trait will remain as it is. You can also continue to rely on your keen psychic and intuitive skills to observe and reflect on the world around you. Interpreting messages from your subconscious via daydreams and visions gives you surprisingly accurate information about your life path in 2023.

The Sun will sit on your house of creativity and compassion between the end of February and the end of March. Making your birthday month much more exciting, the transition allows you to have fun throughout the period. As an introvert, you thrive in peacefulness and solitude, so if you want to celebrate your birthday kayaking solo or by reading your favorite book by the pool; followed by a delicious dinner with your best friend or family members- Do it.

Jupiter jumping to another zodiac sign in April is going to bring major changes in your life. The planetary alignments ensures more expenditure and less income, in addition to an upset mind. However, people working in media or cinema field are going to experience an increase in enthusiasm at workplace.

Drive carefully in May, Mars along with shadow planets sitting on your eighth house indicates a vehicular accident. The Sun will also increase your courage this time, and mind will be happy due to cooperation from male sibling. People associated with businesses, are advised to be careful in financial transactions. The happiness extend to June, as love will sprinkle on you and romance will blossom in your heart. Female Pisces could be losing their heart to a best friend. People in media and publication sectors will get appreciation for their good work.

In the month of July, if you have been thinking of investing in share market then go ahead, profit is assured. At this time, you will be successful in defeating your enemies and you are likely to gain profit from property. However, try to avoid anger and arrogance. Court cases can come in your favour and cooperation from Venus can improve your communication skills apparently leading to a better love life. In August, good job opportunities will knock on your door and family life will be happier. The conjunction of Sun and Mercury will prove helpful in foreign travels and those associated with business will see monetary gain.

September and October will be a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs. In Sept, the conjunction of Sun and Mars will bring trouble for Pisces; marital discord and difference in partnership in business can be an issue. Avoid such clashes. However, in October, the transit of the two shadow planets will bring major life changes once again. There are chances of accidents and difficulties in personal life this month. Tussle with spouse and concern from children’s side may arise. It is advisable to invest wisely in business or share market.

The end of the year might bring big responsibilities at work, and your enthusiasm will be at its peak. With the grace of strong Venus, you will also receive help from a secret admirer.


Have A Happy New Year!

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