Bizarre! Baby takes birth holding mother’s birth control device in hand

In a bizarre development a new born baby was seen holding his mother’s intrauterine device (IUD) soon after it took birth. The strange scene was witnessed at Hai Phong International Hospital in northern Vietnam.

Tran Viet Phuong, the doctor who was working at the hospital shared pictures of the baby who held his mother’s IUD when he was born.

In the image, the baby can be seen holding a black and yellow intrauterine device in his hand.

“After delivery, I thought him holding the device was interesting, so I took a picture,“ Dr Phuong reportedly told media.

As per reports mother of the baby had inserted the birth control device two years earlier. However, the coil did not work because she was pregnant.

As per the doctor the device might have moved from its original position allowing the mother to become pregnant. Both, the newborn and its mother were healthy and kept under observation at the hospital after the birth, the report further said.

Commonly known as Copper T in India the intrauterine device (IUD) or intrauterine contraceptive device or coil, is a small, T-shaped birth control device that is inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy for five to 10 years. Inside the uterus it releases copper that stops the sperm from fertilising a woman’s eggs, thereby preventing pregnancy.

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