7th Pay Commission: Central Employees Likely To Get Big Salary Hike Up To Rs 21000!

The Union government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi may soon give a big gift to the central employees. According to various media reports, there may be a huge increase in the salary of 50 lakh central employees by the end of this month.

It is said that the decision to increase the salary of central employees can be taken in the next cabinet meeting. It is to be noted here that the salary of non-gazetted medical staff of Indian Railways will be increased up to Rs 21,000 under the Seventh Pay Commission.

Similarly, the employees working on the post of non-gazetted medical staff in Indian Railways can also get the benefit of promotion. Shiv Gopal Mishra, secretary of All India Railway Mines Federation, said, “The employees have been demanding promotion for a long time.” As soon as the promotion is received under the seventh pay scale, the salary of non-gazetted medical staff of Indian Railways will increase.

It is worthwhile to mention here that the salary of non-gazetted medical staff will be increased by at least Rs 5,000 per month. This will also increase the HRA, DA and TA of the employees. In this case, the total salary of the employees will increase from five thousand to twenty-one thousand rupees. Railways have approved the increase in salary of non-gazetted medical staff such as lab staff, health and malaria inspector, staff nurse, physiotherapist, radiographer, pharmacist, dietitian and family welfare organization staff.

It is worth noting that central employees have been demanding to reduce the minimum salary to Rs 26,000 per month for a long time. Currently, employees get 18,000 per month. Along with the demand for an increase in the minimum wage, the central employees are demanding an increase in the fitment factor. At present, central employees get 2.57 per cent fitment factor. It has been raised to 3.68 percent.

(Source: jansatta.com)

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  • Rs

    Do not give such a false hopes .present government is not going to give any benefit to employees. It has already refused to pay theDA due from 1.1.20

  • Sumit

    So many mistakes in this article.
    Salary of 50 lakh employees is not increasing but it is only for the few non-gazetted medical staff.
    Secondly, employees are not demanding to reduce the salary.

  • Basavaraj

    On what ground it is mentioned 50 lakh central government employees. Very disgusting news. Don’t fool the public.


    It’s good news. But what is the money will be for retired Railway Employees and widow. When it will be paid not cleared. My eldest brother died before 7 days by heart attack. It’s now requested to give us the date, so I may be able to inform them. As the money is urgent. Finance Minister is requested to give correct date. God bless all.

  • Villager

    I think that the article has been written by an insane and irresponsible reporter. In the article it has been written that central government employees are demanding to REDUCE the minimum salary of Rs.26,000/- etc.etc. and again it has been written that the fitment factor has been revised from 2.57 to 3.68. Both are baseless and bogus news and propaganda in nature to glorify the image of Govt.

  • Malay Biswas

    What a news? This type of fake news we have been coming across throughout Pandemic period.Another guy Shib Kumar Misra.ha..ha..ha. Wheather retrospective effect or prospective effect that is also not clear.How this type of fake news are coming God knows.

  • Akash Verma

    Then don’t write the heading of news as Central Govt employees. Just write for the railways, why do you want to make fool of people by giving catchy headings!

  • Muntaj

    Fake news mat dikhao ye BJP government h ye government employees ki sallery kabhi nahi badhayege. ulta jo mil rahi h usko bhi kam kr dege

  • Dr. S.K.Banerjee

    Is there any hike in the pension of the central government employees also and if there is any hike in the pension how much will that be?

  • Venkatachalapathi

    What about state employees

  • SAHAB Singh Verma

    This is fake news.I m hearing for last five yrs that Govt is going to increase min salary of employees to Rs21000.Nothing is positive till now.So don’t believe such news.

  • Dr M K Gajera

    It seems you are canvassing for the Government of the day in Government employees without any substance, as what you say will never be possible.

  • Kathir

    It is only for news, nothing happens. You have mentioned earlier about DA revision, EPF interest, etc., but nothing has happened.


    What about those contractual employees who are working under centrally sponsored scheme like MNREGA & they are well qualified & dedicated staff throughout India particularly in J&k UT

  • Rajiv Kumar Sarin

    Option- 1 not given

    DA not given
    Do you expect raise in fitment factor?? Forget it.

  • CV Sankarakrishnan

    Dont put rubbish news


    Very bad decision just for political gain. Kaamchor n corrupt are being rewarded when lakhs in private sector hv lost jobs, daily earners and big n small shop keepers are struggling to make both ends meet.

  • Prasad

    Is this Govt. gives any benefits ? Don’t dream. False news.

  • Thangaraj

    I Think that falls News giving this meadia always giving.

  • Thangaraj

    You are giving all ways falls news regarding 7Th pay commission early you written DA going to increase ,why you are giving such falls news anything behind in this please give confirm news

  • Jyotsana

    Good news for Central govt employees but what about State govt employees??

  • RCB

    Please stop giving bogus news… we don’t have time for bogus stuff..

  • mitthun

    kabtak chutiya banaoge

  • Anu

    It’s Godi media spreading propaganda for Government. This govt is privatising all the institution, forget about salary hike.

  • CV Sankarakrishnan

    False hope

  • Akhilesh Kumar

    to increase your number of views , don’t play with emotion of employees . It’s a false news .

  • Edamarathodi SuKuMaRaN

    Sab bakwas.

  • Ss

    Totally agree with Rs …. No hope of any increase from from this government. Insted they may take away whatever you already have.


    Don’t give such worst statements if possible give some worthy news.


    plz sir justice for spo,s in jammu kashmir