Facebook Debate on Modi Govt’s Response to Pakistan

Despite chest thumping & various claims, there has been a sharp rise in Pak-sponsored terror activities. Even Pakistan dares to cross over the LoC to kill our Jawans and mutilate their bodies.

There is no let up in Maoist activities. Jawans being killed on that front too.

Do you think Modi Government is doing enough to address such issues or focusing more on decimating the Opposition and winning Polls?

Rajalaxmi Patra: Simply No…

Souranshu Prasad Sahoo: I don’t think Modi government is doing better in Kashmir valley issue, cross border terrorism issue, ceasefire violation issue and naxalite issue… Yes… This issues are also frequent in Congress government… But what people thought while voting to MODI Ji that these issues will be solved partially or fully during his tenure… But till now except surgical strike nothing is worth praising action by Modi Government…

Jagannath Satapathy: Although present government is aiming to encourage the armed forces through OROP, VIPs staying with them on important dates, but these measures are too short to counter the big problems. They are not addressing the roots of the problems such as maximum development in that area, addressing the viruses who spreads the wings through intelligence.

Sudhir Padhy: Nothing decisive has happened.

Sangram Keshari Nepak: They have been in election mode as well as mood since 2014…. Nothing else has been done during their regime….

Kailash Behera: First para: The chimpanzees too do the breast beating before a fight. Insurgency and sabotage has been as never before. The BBC reports that there is no evidence of any surgical strike. Most heinous activities are carried out by the Pak military.

Para 2 – No concrete plans yet. Time and again successive Governments claim of actions are only to befool the people.

Para 3 – No doubt it is poll gimmicks. Maybe be after it will focus on such issues after winning the entire states.

Vijaya Singh: Absolutely not! I am very very diappointed on this level I cannot say what I feel day after day; our boys are not cannon fodder. I want all the politicians to send their loved ones to the border let them get killed and then they should say what they say when others sons die.

Biswa Nandan: Its not only our issue, global issue. It can only be solved by the coordination between USA, China and India.

Monohar Mohanty: I don’t think so..

Harendra Pattnaik: What was expected ..what was promised not fulfilled..very heart-wrenching to see our defence personnel, police personnel dying helpless…this was not expected from Modi Govt. How dare the Pakistanis shot dead two of our jawans.. ventured into the Indian territory to mutilate their bodies & walk away free?

Dilip Kumar Joshi: Nothing….. Only to grab power.

Chakradhar Sarangi: We want revenge. Nothing else. We shall support the government who can do this. We are Bhakta by choice. No compulsion.

Pranab K. Pani: Pertinent question that’s been kept silent with such cacophony and clever media management. Trolling would attack you mercilessly…

Bharat Mishra: Government response leaves a lot to be desired. Let them, at least, stop electricity supply from Punjab to Pakistan ASAP.

Durgamadhab Mishra: Modi Govt is not doing anything regarding Kashmir and Naxal issues.

Kirttee Ranjan Nanda: Internal security lapse is the reason that external security has been severed. Internal security breach is a mere misconduct of we the population who fall prey and are lured by such anti nationalist who think by doing his they can blame the govt. The Naxalite attack is a mere disappointment that people only were behaving like khabris. The people of India at CG, Sukma did the massacre. They only informed.

Doing this they prompted and gave anti nationals a part to play blaming govt again n again.

BAT by Pakistan , is a shield attack whre it was planned to attract the attention by seeking at some other part and killing happened somewhere in other sector.

People should make up their mind to hate those anti nationals then only govt can have full activity completed.

If given a chance army can kill all those Stine peters in 4 days at Kashmir who have violated all human rights by kicking and injuring security forces. Thank god it’s India and we have plenty of anti nationals. Same Naxalite can be uprooted in a month time if people support the cause. Only modi can’t do anything.

We the people should wake from slumber, finalise what is our mission and no looking back as we the people have the gaddars within our throng who fail us, and the govt in long run. Arjun v ham hai, shakuni v hum hain, duryodhana v hum hi hai. Plan n fix what we want to be. Filter out the anti nationals from national. No one can harm us then. Our forces shall live n die for us in honour. Then.

Satyabrata Panda: Don’t rush to any heuristic shortcuts. Modi’s Pak/Naxal roadmap has never anticipated the internal traitors, the nightmarish stumbling blocks of Yechury’s JNU, Kejriwal’s AAP, Barkha Datt’s Media and the last, but not the least, Naveen’s Bhadrak.

Simanchala Mishra: Sometimes we feel Modi is soft in handling the issue. We are still hopeful Modi is sorting out his strategy. It would be whimsical to go for an open war in view of our relationship with China. Big bosses like America and Russia have to be taken into confidence. We have big enemies inside. The effects of a war on the nation is always in the mind. The same media that cries for blood now, will blame Modi in just two days if things go against the nation. It would be premature to say that Modi is concentrating in consolidating BJP rather then dealing the enemies inside and across the border. In my views, we still wait for the right time.