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Mysterious animal attack

2 more sheep killed by mysterious animal in Niali

KalingaTV News Network Niali: Mysterious animal fear loomed large in Bilasuni panchayat of Nilai block again today morning after 2 more sheep were found dead from a local’s cattle shed in Dahijang village. Another sheep was also found…

Mysterious animal kills 3 more sheep in Niali

KalingaTV News Network Niali: With no sign of respite from sheep deaths seen in Niali block in Cuttack district, the mysterious animal killed three more sheep in Gayasahi village last night. The sheep deaths were reported from one…

‘Mysterious Creatures’ Kill 13 Sheep in Nabarangpur

KalingaTV News Network Umerkote: In a fresh round of sheep killing in the state, 13 sheep were found killed by some mysterious creatures in Daldali village of Sunabeda panchayat leaving the locals in a state of panic. Earlier, such…