Odia Duo Akshay Parija & Nilamadhab Panda receive National Film Awards

Producer Akshay Parija and Director Nilamadhab Panda received the Special Mention for the movie ‘Kadvi Hawa’ at 64th National Awards from the Honorable President of India Pranab Mukherjee at Vigyan Bhawan today.

‘Kadvi Hawa’ deals with the most explosive subject of the world as of today- Global warming and Climatic change. The story is conceived and written by Padmashree Director Shri Nilamadhab Panda. The movie is a positive initiative and awareness for the world of the menace of changing global climatic conditions which affects millions across the globe.

Mr Parija said, “such an explosive subject with the base of an Odisha background, has been very well perceived and clinically precisely directed by Nilamadhab Panda. The award is an recognization of the hard-work that has been put into the movie. The Film believed in an age old concept of ‘too much water is dangerous and as well too less is dangerous’.”

The protagonist of the movie are the people who get directed affected by the climatic change like a blindman and a decisive person who is such because of a menaces of super cyclone. They are the people who had no contribution to the problems of the global warming and climatic change but they are the one’s who are the direct sufferer of the repercussions created by the unconscious world.

If right steps are not taken now, the world is to face worse consequences. The movie stands on the moto of create awareness on global warming.

Director Nilamadhab Panda expressed his immense satisfaction on receiving the recognition on this subject which is very close to heart. He is very strongly hopeful that the film will not only will gain acknowledgment in India rather shall also get a lot of attention and recognition in various International Film Festivals.

The duo has been working on several projects, as the journey started with ‘God’s Own People’. ‘Kadvi Hawa’ is their second venture together. The duo has already emerged into doing another path-breaking film: Halka, dealing with cleanliness of Children in India.